What NOT To Put In Storage Containers

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HI vs. ST shipping-container-40-footWhat NOT To Put In Storage Containers

Whether you’re storing food, cleaning chemicals or anything else, there are certain things not to put in storage containers. Keeping these items out of storage can protect your belongings from damage or spoilage, while also reducing the risk of theft or vandalism.

Flammable Or Explosive Materials

When dealing with flames or explosive materials, it’s important to keep them away from everything else. Among the things that should be kept out are gasoline, propane, oil, grease, aerosol sprays, and cleaning products. Flammable liquids should be separated from oxidizers and other flammable materials by a distance of at least 20 feet or by a partition. They should also be drained of fuels before storage. Similarly, the area surrounding flammable liquid containers should be graded and diverted away from inhabited buildings. They should also be surrounded by curbs or earth dikes at least 12 inches high.

Hazardous Materials

Whether you’re handling chemicals at work or storing hazardous materials in your home, it’s essential to follow the rules when it comes to these substances. Not following them can lead to serious health hazards, fires, explosions and other disasters. For example, you should never store gasoline, motor oil or other flammable or explosive materials in storage containers. Rather, you should use a closed storage cabinet to contain these products away from ignition sources.

Perishable Materials

Perishable foods are a no-no because they can easily spoil and rot. Plus, the smell of rotting food can attract pests and mold to your unit. It’s also a no-no to put dry goods like rice, flour, powdered milk and boxed items in your container. These can turn rancid and rotten, smell and get chewed by rodents or other animals. This can also create a breeding ground for fungi, mildew and other unwanted guests.


While you might be able to keep your pet or critter in a secure storage unit for a short period of time, the best approach is to bring them home and provide them with the love they deserve. In addition to a healthy diet and some lovable company, your furry friend deserves a safe place to call home.

Unregistered Vehicles

When it comes to storage containers, you should never put a vehicle inside of one. Not only is it illegal, but it can also lead to serious health and safety issues if the container is not properly secured. You should also remove any hazardous materials in the vehicle, such as oil or gasoline.

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