The Ultimate Guide for Turning a Shipping Container Into a Greenhouse

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Having your own greenhouse is a great way to grow your own plants and produce. When you want to make your own greenhouse, a good option is to make it inside an existing shipping container. Not only can this be a more affordable option, but you will also be putting to use an existing structure that may otherwise be sitting in a landfill. For those wondering how to turn a shipping container into a greenhouse, there are various tips and steps to follow.


One of the factors that you will need to consider when making a greenhouse is the lighting. As shipping containers are characterized as enclosed and steel containers that naturally are very dark, you will need to create a lighting solution. One option is to cut windows and space that will allow natural light to flow through. Another option is to invest in LED lighting technology, sodium lights, or other options to create a light that will allow plants to thrive.


Another important tip you will need to follow is how to ventilate the shipping container. Without proper ventilation, a shipping container will likely not have enough fresh air to allow the plants to thrive. However, if you can install a new ventilation system, it can allow air to pass through efficiently. This can allow the container to house healthy plants that will grow.


When you have your own greenhouse, having a place to properly store all of the plants is essential. Any shipping container today will need to be equipped with proper shelving and storage so you can properly support the plants. You should also consider using containers and other solutions that will allow you to keep supplies on hand. 

Climate Control

You must be able to keep your storage container at a safe temperature for plants. If you have proper ventilation, it can help to keep the container cool during the summer months. However, if you are in a cold climate and want to farm and grow all year, you will need insulation and a heating system. This will ensure you can retain proper heat at all times. 

If you are looking to make a greenhouse, a common question is, how do you make a simple greenhouse? There are various tips that you can follow that will help you make a quality greenhouse. This can ensure you make an effective greenhouse that will allow you to use an existing shipping container as a base. 

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