The 10 Best Ways to Keep Your Mobile Home Warm This Winter

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How do I keep my mobile home from getting cold? Can you insulate a mobile home from the inside? These are probably questions you ask yourself if you own a mobile home. When temperatures start to plummet outside, the first thing you may think of doing to warm yourself up is drinking hot tea, soup, or hot chocolate. But besides doing these things, there are several others you can do to keep yourself warm.

Tips for Keeping Your Mobile Home Warm

Here are ten tips you can implement to keep your mobile home warm this winter.

  1. Install Insulation

Installing insulation is one of the easiest ways to warm up your mobile home. Insulation can prevent heat loss and even cut your heating costs this winter. All appliances and heating systems will work effectively if your mobile home is well-insulated. Be sure to insulate windows, floors, walls, and doors within your mobile home.

      2. Consider Installing Thermal Curtains

If you haven’t heard of thermal curtains, they are beneficial for blocking heat from the inside. They are also installed to help spice up your décor and even provide you with privacy. Thermal curtains can provide you with an additional layer of blinds on your windows which can help seal in the heat.

      3. Consider Central Heating

Electric heaters may be your “go-to” for staying warm this winter. But, central heating systems provide even more benefits. If your mobile home has central heating already, you should put your system on a timer to reduce your energy costs. 

      4. Fireplace

If you are looking for ways to add more warmth to your mobile home, consider adding a fireplace. But, with this approach, be careful since they do pose fire hazards.

      5. Install Draft Stoppers

Heat can easily escape your mobile home through cracks in your floors and doors. To prevent heat loss, install draft stoppers on your front doors and sides of them. They can also be used to block openings and even be used on your windows to prevent drafts.

      6. Throw Down Some Area Rugs

Area rugs are perfect for insulation and can even increase the appeal of your mobile home. Area rugs can ensure your feet stay warm and prevent cold air from passing through.

      7. Check Your Furnace

Make sure that you inspect your furnace and clean up any accumulation of dirt and other debris nearby. Make sure that your roof exhaust vents are not clogged and can perform efficiently.

      8. Choose a Good Spot for Your Radiator

If your mobile home has a radiator, choosing a good location for it helps keep your space warm. For example, consider placing your radiator on top of a shelf to enable heat flow.

      9. Prepare Your Windows

Heat can easily escape through your windows. The best way to prevent this is by weatherstripping them. You can do this using rubber, foam tape, or window film.

      10. Insulate Pipes

Finally, prevent your pipes from freezing by insulating them. You can also keep a very low stream of water running through the faucets in your mobile home. This can prevent them from freezing and bursting.


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