The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Storage Unit

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At some point, you may consider renting a storage unit. These are common questions and answers about storage units and the dos and don’ts of having one:

How Do You Use a Storage Unit?

A storage unit is a convenient space where you can place your items when you’re in between moving activities or need an extra room while you’re waiting to sell things. Using a storage unit is quite simple. The storage company will provide you with a key or code to open a unit you rent, and you’ll place your valuables into it neatly to store them until you’re ready to move them. 

What Should I Bring To Qualify for a Storage Unit? 

You’ll need some identification to verify who you are, and you might need to have the first month’s rental cost. The company you choose may or may not have a promotion going on for a discounted price. Some providers might ask for a small security deposit, while others won’t. Researching and comparing different facilities is the most effective way to get a fantastic deal.  

What Size Unit Should I Get?

The size of your storage space will depend on what you intend to store and how big the space in your apartment or home is. The general space sizes range from 50 to over 300 square feet. The agent or salesperson can help you choose the correct storage unit. 

What Should I Not Do With a Storage Unit?

These are some absolute don’ts that you should never do with a storage unit:

Store Hazardous or Illegal Goods

Hazardous chemicals and illegal materials shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit. Be sure to request a list of prohibited items to avoid violating a policy or possibly doing something illegal. 

Sleep in the Storage Unit

Storage space renters are not allowed to sleep or live on the premises. The tip should already be obvious, but some customers have tried it. 

Choose an Ill-Fitted Unit

Don’t choose the incorrect storage space size hastily. Speak to an agent about the items you have and listen to his or her space recommendations. 

Perform Repairs and Projects

Storage spaces are strictly for storing items. No hobbies, projects, or repair services should be done inside any of them. 

What Should I Do With a Storage Unit?

These are some tips for what you should do with a storage unit:

Store Your Items Neatly and Carefully

Pack your items strategically so that they don’t get worn or damaged during movement or storage. 

Keep an Inventory of Your Items

Take an inventory of your items before you store them and right before you remove them. That way, you can resolve any suspected theft issues before you empty your storage unit. 

Clean the Unit When You’re Done

Leave the storage unit clean and clear when you’re finished with it. The storage company will appreciate you for it. 

Now you know the top dos and don’ts of storage space and some information about what you’ll need. Securing storage space for your items should be easy and stress-free now. 

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