How to Build a Hunting Cabin from a Shipping Container

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Did you know you can make a hunting cabin from a shipping container? Even more interesting is that there are numerous benefits associated with using a shipping container to build a hunting cabin. 

How do you make a shipping container into a hunting cabin?

There are a few steps to follow to build a hunting cabin from a shipping container, apart from developing the blueprint for your floor space, securing the foundation, and putting a roof on your new cabin. 

Select the appropriate container

Shipping containers come in two sizes:

  • 20 x 8 x 8 feet with a square footage of 160 feet at a cost ranging between $1,400–$2,800
  • 40 x 8 x 8 feet with a square footage of 320 feet at a cost ranging between $3,500–$4,500

Your budget and end goal for the design determines the shipping container size. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate depending on where the container is purchased and the route it takes to get to you.

There are various options for purchasing a container, from online to in-store.

Prepare the foundation

The foundation is key to making sure the shipping container is sturdy on the ground. There are two options when considering foundations: 

  • A poured concrete foundation: ideal if the container remains in the same place
  • A set of piers: ideal if the container is meant to be mobile 

You may request the assistance of a professional in either case. When opting to lay a foundation yourself, be aware that it needs to be level with zero bubbles and must be cured for 24 hours. 

Getting the container placed

Getting the container into position may be somewhat tricky. You have to consider if you will be getting professional help or hiring equipment to do it yourself. A crane is probably the best piece of equipment you will be able to use to get the container in the right spot. 

The weight of the container should be taken into account when renting equipment. Make sure the equipment is appropriate for the weight of the container so the equipment can carry it. 

Keep in mind, if you are considering placing more than one container, you may need the assistance of an engineer for advice on structural reinforcement. 

Attach a roof

The container doesn’t necessarily need a roof. However, adding a roof may mean you are adding additional protection during the hot and colder months.

It takes a few days to build a roof. There are several tutorials online that may be helpful if you decide to build the roof yourself. 

Plumbing and electrical

This will depend on your skill level. You could do it yourself or get a professional to install the plumbing and electrical components.

Consider generators or solar panels for electricity, and attach the necessary light fixtures, outlets, and switch boxes. In addition, for water, consider a water tank, water heaters, and composting toilets. 


The last step is accessorizing your cabin to your specific style and taste. Plan according to the available space, and include a sleeping area, kitchen, storage space for food items and other items, etc. 

Speak to the professionals at A Mobile Box on (979) 798-2629 today to order your very own shipping container and transform it into the hunting cabin of your dreams. 

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