How Do You Modify Shipping Containers?

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When shopping for shipping containers, the first question you may be wondering is: what is a modified container? Simply put, a modified container is a shipping container that has been altered/converted into something else.

These shipping containers are often converted into portable living spaces, secure storage units, flexible workspaces, or possibly a pop-up retail container. Their uses are so varied and versatile that many people are seeing the benefits of utilizing shipping containers and modifying them to meet their individual needs.  

How do you modify a container?

You can do several things to alter or modify a container. First, adding windows and doors will dramatically alter the appearance of the container. Other changes include adding insulation, ventilation, electricity, running water, painting the unit, and extending the length of the unit. 

You may be considering purchasing a container for yourself and your private use, such as converting the container into a hunting cabin, or perhaps you see a business opportunity. Either way, here is a list of things you will need to convert shipping containers into other types of spaces. 

  • Decide if you would like to purchase a new or used container. Purchasing a new container may be the better option as you do not want to deal with rust or other problems that may arise from purchasing used containers. 
  • Get a professional in to help. In order to make changes and modifications, you may need to get a licensed professional who knows how to make alterations to this type of material and who has experience doing it. In addition, a certified craftsman will have the quality tools to do the job, such as industrial welding machines, forklifts, grinders, cutting machines, spray foam insulation kits, etc. 
  • Logistics. How will the container be transported to where it needs to go? 
  • Paint, accessories, and proper furniture. 

What to look for in modified containers

If you want to purchase a container to modify or if you are in the market to purchase an already modified container, there are some key things to look out for:

Inspect the container for physical damage

  • The first thing you should look out for is any rust or major damage. The problem with rust is that it is like cancer. Once it starts, it spreads very quickly.
  • The second thing to look out for is any holes in the container. This is a red flag. Step inside, close the door and see if any light peers into the container. 
  • Inspect the floor for any major damage, rust, holes, or deep gauges. 
  • Inspecting the roof serves the same purpose as inspecting the floor. You want to make sure there isn’t any serious rust, holes, or any other type of damage that may impair the container’s use and be costly to fix. 
  • And lastly, check the doors and locks. Check that the doors open all the way without any problems. Also check the bottom of the door which may have rust. The locks should all be in working condition as well. 

Speak to a representative at A Mobile Box at (979) 798-2629 today to order your container for modification. 


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