Tips for Making Moving Easier on Your Pets

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The moving process is almost always stressful for humans. Just imagine what it feels like for your pets! Pets don’t understand why they’re being packed up and taken in a car to a new location, and they can’t very well be prepared for what’s to come.

While there’s not much you can do to communicate to your pet about the move or why it’s happening, there are some steps you can take to make the process go a bit more smoothly.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make moving to a new place easier on your pets (and, by extension, yourself):

  • Keep important items accessible: Have a special bag with some of the most important items for your pets. You should have a kit that gives them enough food, littler (for cats), toys and other supplies necessary for day-to-day use until you’re able to get everything unpacked.
  • Keep pets in a quiet area: While you’re moving items, the best way to keep your pets as relaxed as possible (given the circumstances) is to close them off in an area that will be relatively undisturbed. If you can, consider leaving them with a friend or kennel for the day. Otherwise you can place them in an empty bedroom on another floor and close the door. Check in with them regularly and make sure they have everything they need.
  • Ride with your pet: Make sure your pet is in your vehicle with you during the ride to the new home, as separation could make the process more stressful than necessary.
  • Take it slow: Some pets are going to be more adventurous or easygoing than others when it comes to a move. Once you’re done moving items into your new place, you can open the door for them—but don’t force them to come out and explore if they’re not ready for it. Let them come out at their leisure. Consider keeping food and litter boxes in the initial room you placed them in until it’s clear they’re ready to come out and explore on their own terms.
  • Bring comfort items: Make sure you have comfort items for your pets, such as specific blankets, toys or beds that have their scent and that they are comfortable with. This can help ease the transition into the new space, as it gives them something that truly feels like home.
  • Keep to routines: If you have specific routines established with your pets, try to keep to those routines as much as possible despite the change of location. Pets often cling to these routines, and this can provide them with a semblance of normalcy during a turbulent time.
  • Update information: When you move, make sure you update all of their information, including tags and microchips, to have the new address, so they can be returned to you if lost.

For more tips for making the moving process easier on your pets, contact us at A Mobile Box with any questions you have.

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