History 101: The Traveling Shipping Container

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Goods have been shipped across the ocean for thousands of years, and shipping practices have remained the same for most of that time. Goods were brought to a port in wooden crates or kegs by a wagon, truck or train and loaded onto a ship one by one.

Overseas shipping was a time-consuming process, and ships would often spend longer at a port waiting to load or unload than they would at sea—but that was the best transportation method at the time. Thankfully, things have changed over the last century, and we now rely on shipping containers to move goods from a factory to store shelves or your doorstep.

This post will teach you everything you need to know about the ways that shipping containers get around the world.

The rise of intermodalism

In 1956, a trucking entrepreneur named Malcolm McLean bought a shipping company and started transporting product-filled truck trailers directly from the truck to the ship. Instead of unloading the entire container and placing the goods on the ship parcel by parcel, his company lifted whole trailers onto the ships. This practice is known as intermodalism, and it is how shipping containers get moved or delivered in Houston, TX.

Once goods make it to the port of arrival, the containers can be lifted from the ship directly onto a semi truck or a train and then get transported to their next destination. Containers are designed to be used again and again, so they’re incredibly cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Intermodalism allows shippers to transport items more safely and efficiently while drastically reducing labor costs. As a result, many products are now cheaper and arrive at their destinations more quickly.

What else can shipping containers be used for?

It’s good to know the ways that shipping containers get around the world, but it’s also important to understand that container uses extend far beyond shipping. Here are a few ways our clients utilize shipping containers:

  • Storage: Instead of renting an expensive storage unit, consider renting or buying a shipping container. Shipping containers are watertight and perfect for storing nearly anything you can imagine.
  • Hunting shelters: We’ve also seen hunters use our storage containers as hunting shelters out in the fields. Shipping containers do a much better job at keeping the elements out than a standard deer blind ever could. Plus, they’re much larger!
  • Homes and storefronts: Interestingly enough, there’s a growing trend of people buying storage containers and converting them into houses or unique stores. It might be a bit unconventional, but this is a cost-effective housing and retail solution.

Get your container from A Mobile Box

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