How to Move Using Storage Containers

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Looking for some long-distance move ideas? The moving process can often be a pain, especially when moving far away from your current residence. One of the most annoying parts of the moving process is trying to find the right moving truck. Using a moving truck for a long-distance move is especially annoying, as the costs can add up.

If you’re looking for a more manageable and cost-effective alternative to moving trucks, consider moving containers. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using storage containers for your next move.

Better protection

Storage containers are often better at protecting items than moving trucks. This is because you can modify shipping containers to almost perfectly fit all your items. When ordering the right-sized shipping container, you won’t have to worry about your items bouncing around during the drive. There are also many features you can add to your shipping container to better protect your items. These features might include soft padding, ventilation, insulation and more.


When renting a moving truck, you’ll likely want to move everything as soon as possible to avoid expensive fees. However, moving is sometimes a complicated process and may take more time than you expected. Moving with a storage container allows you to move items into your new home at your own pace.

Some people have to leave their possessions outside while waiting for renovations to be completed at their new home. A storage container offers great protection while allowing access to your items when needed. You can even use the storage container to store building materials during the renovation process.

No hassle

Renting a moving truck can sometimes be a big hassle, as many people aren’t comfortable driving those vehicles. When renting a storage container, however, the rental company will be able to transport it for you. It’s also usually easier to choose a shipping container vs. a moving truck based on the number of items you have. Using a storage container for moving is especially easy when you work with a reputable provider.

Avoid unnecessary contact

Many people aren’t comfortable sharing contact with strangers these days. When renting a storage container for moving, you won’t have to worry about interacting too much with movers or other personnel. So, if you’re worried about the spread of germs, moving containers are an excellent option.

Storage containers are useful

Moving is the perfect time to invest in a top-quality storage container. Storage containers offer the perfect place to keep items that take up too much space in your new home. If you purchase the storage container (say for on-site storage purposes), you could also use it next time you have to move. If you aren’t getting much use from your storage container, you can eventually sell it for a good price. There’s always someone looking for a good deal on a used storage container.

If you’re looking for easy long-distance moving ideas, consider renting or buying a top-quality storage container from A Mobile Box. We offer free quotes and competitive prices on all of our products and services—reach out to learn more!

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