Can a Shipping Container Have Doors and Windows?

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Considering investing in shipping container conversion? People are coming up with exciting and creative ways to reuse shipping containers, and that means there are plenty of customization options, including the addition of shipping container windows and doors, that can be employed to transform this simple metal container into usable space. Whether you wish to convert a shipping container into an office, workshop, exhibition stand or even a home, here’s a quick guide to some of the features you can choose for your space.


While there are large double-doors on the front of every shipping container, called cargo doors, you might want a more efficient entry and exit point instead of messing with the clunky lock and door opening systems. Cargo doors are really only useful for getting bulky items in and out of the container or when immediate entry and exit convenience is less of a priority. It’s usually best to install other door options on a shipping container, including:

  • Personnel doors: These small steel doors are ideal if you plan to convert your shipping container into a portable office space, workshop or storage space. They’re more efficient than cargo doors if you’re planning to frequently go in and out of the structure. Each personnel door is carefully welded into the wall of a container, ensuring that the structure stays water and wind resistant. They help the container maintain a cooler temperature in summer and a warmer one in winter, since they have insulated cores. For security, personnel doors typically come with a deadbolt and steel lever handle.
  • Roll-up doors: If you’re planning to store large equipment that needs to be frequently accessed, a roll-up door, or overhead door, is often the best choice. They lift from the bottom up and roll up inside the container. They come in a variety of widths and styles and are lockable, are easily unlatched and open and close with great speed. You can even find options that are extreme duty and wind rated for protection from the elements.
  • Sliding glass doors: These doors are ideal if you desire a container conversion for a storefront, office or living space. They’re essentially the same types of sliding glass doors that you’d find in a home, and allow abundant light to enter the structure and provide quick entry or exit as desired.


Windows can easily be added to shipping containers. An installer will cut an aperture in the shipping container that meets the requirements of the shipping container windows you’ve selected for the space. You can get single- or double-glazed windows with locks and several opening and closing options. Investing in shutters is often recommended for added security and protection from the elements.

Interested in taking on a shipping container conversion of your own? There are countless uses for these sturdy and efficient shelters once you’ve customized them to suit your needs. Contact A Mobile Box to discover how to customize your own shipping container with windows, doors and anything else you need to create a comfortable, usable space.

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