Shipping Containers Are a Better Alternative to Porta Potties

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Lots of property owners rely on porta potties to provide restroom facilities, but there are some alternatives that might be a better choice depending on the circumstances. Many property owners have opted for shipping container restrooms in Houston, TX instead of standard porta potties because of all the benefits shipping containers are able to offer. Keep reading to learn more about shipping container restrooms and the advantages they offer over porta potties.

Differences between porta potties and shipping container restrooms

Shipping container restrooms come in a variety of styles, but most look very similar to traditional restrooms in businesses. They have several stalls and sinks, along with running water, lighting and other amenities that are found in most public restrooms. Shipping containers are popular for property owners who want to provide nice restroom accommodations without constructing a permanent restroom facility on-site. However, other property owners choose to offer porta potties as the only restroom facility option. To help you decide which option is right for you, consider some of these differences between porta potties and shipping container bathrooms in Houston, TX:

  • Plumbing: One of the biggest differences between porta potties and shipping container bathrooms is plumbing. Porta potties do not have any plumbing. Instead, these facilities collect waste in a tank which is later pumped out using specialized maintenance equipment. Shipping container restrooms, on the other hand, are equipped with flush toilets and running water for sinks and urinals. Shipping container restrooms in Houston, TX are typically attached to utilities through an RV hookup or similar connection.
  • Disposal: Another difference between porta potties and shipping container restrooms in Houston, TX is the way waste disposal works. Porta potties are pumped on a regular basis, usually once a week, to remove stored waste. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are usually connected to RV hookups to dispose of waste without the need to use the kinds of specialized equipment that’s used to pump porta potties.
  • Maintenance: Porta potties are usually maintained by the company that provides the rental. Depending on volume of use, maintenance and cleaning is usually required once a week to keep porta potties clean and sanitary. Shipping container restrooms in Houston, TX can be cleaned just like normal bathrooms, which means there’s no need to get professional maintenance on a regular basis. This can make it easier for property owners to keep bathrooms clean and sanitary using basic cleaning tools, without requiring any specialized equipment.

Shipping container bathrooms in Houston, TX

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