How Shipping Containers Are Used to Create Classrooms

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Many schools are overflowing because they don’t have the physical space to accommodate all their students. What’s more, school buildings are expensive and take too long to construct. Shipping container classrooms solve all these problems while providing a quality site for education. Here’s an inside look at how shipping container school classrooms are built and why educational facilities in Houston, TX should always have one at their disposal.

Versatility at half the cost

Shipping container classrooms are the perfect solution for schools on a budget. They cut building fees in half and still provide all the amenities that are commonly associated with traditional classrooms. Engineers modify shipping containers with doors, windows, electricity, furniture and everything students need for a successful education. Shipping containers are versatile building materials that can accommodate all the modifications you want.

These unique classrooms are so affordable because they’re constructed with recycled materials. The box is made from heavy-duty steel that resists harsh weather conditions and will last more than a decade. Shipping containers are repurposed several times throughout their lifespan and get recycled into something new once they’re out of commission. These containers serve many schools in their lifetime, so you can score used ones at a lower price.

Quick and easy construction process

Shipping containers are the best option when you’re in a pinch. Schools experience a rapid influx of their population when others around Houston, TX shut down and quickly transfer students to nearby facilities. The construction process for even the most basic traditional buildings takes at least six months, which is less than ideal for last-minute student population growth. Shipping containers are easy to install right before the academic year because builders can fully set them up within as little as four weeks.

Shipping container school classrooms are very easy to build, too. A supplier in Houston, TX will configure the floor plan according to your school’s capacity and make sure it falls within the allocated budget. Construction workers lay a foundation on the school grounds and weld the shipping containers into place. They install custom features like electricity and furniture so teachers and students feel at home in their new classroom.

Low-commitment architecture

The best part about shipping container school classrooms is that they’re portable. Shipping containers don’t have the permanence of brick-and-mortar buildings, so you can get rid of them once the student population goes back down. Many schools use shipping containers as a temporary solution, yet their durability guarantees years of reliable use.

This mobility factor allows shipping containers to move around as necessary. Engineers can reconfigure these giant building blocks by adding, subtracting or rearranging the floor plan. Shipping containers arrive fully intact, which minimizes the construction process. Suppliers quickly ship containers and just as easily remove them from school grounds.

Don’t waste valuable school funding in Houston, TX on traditional builds that might become vacant in the coming years. Design your next classroom with shipping containers from A Mobile Box. Engineers transform our steel containers into fully operating classrooms with all the amenities students need to succeed. Contact us now for a free quote!

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