Food Truck vs. Shipping Container: Which Should You Choose?

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Restaurant owners who want to take their business beyond Houston, TX commonly gravitate towards food trucks. However, the most popular choice isn’t always the best one. Shipping container restaurants are on the rise, and for good reason. Here are some of the key differences between shipping containers and food trucks.


The food truck craze took over because it lets restaurant owners serve food wherever they want. While this remains true, putting your restaurant on wheels can actually be a major hassle. You’d have to pack up the restaurant and bring it home at the end of the night, which is the last thing anyone wants to do after a tiring work day. Owners who set up shop at the same location every day in Houston, TX might as well opt for a more permanent solution.

That’s where shipping container restaurants come in. Shipping containers combine the mobility of food trucks with that good old brick-and-mortar atmosphere. They sit in your favorite money-making spot day after day, yet have the ability to up and move across the country if you want. What’s even better is you can hire someone to transport the shipping container for you. Gone are the days of dragging a food truck everywhere you go.


Space is the most prominent obstacle in the food truck industry. The average food truck has to accommodate cooking stations, personnel, coolers and storage in just 18 feet of space. As you can imagine, that doesn’t give restaurant owners a whole lot of space to operate their businesses. When it comes to mobile restaurants, bigger is better.

In fact, shipping container restaurants offer twice the square footage at virtually the same cost. They average a length of 40 feet, which allows room for extra amenities like a bar and sitting area for customers. Doubled space comes with other key benefits like bigger storage units and the capacity to serve more customers at a time than your competition. If you’re looking to upgrade your space, shipping containers are the obvious choice.


Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to run a food truck have to consider more than the startup price. Food trucks accrue wear and tear over the years, and you’ll get slammed with a hefty bill when it breaks down. Not only that, time spent in the repair shop means less time serving customers. Meals on wheels sounds like a great idea until you’re spending and losing money at the same time.

Shipping containers and food trucks are also entirely different when it comes to overhead fees. A customized shipping container needs very little upkeep because it can stay in your favorite Houston, TX location for as long as you want. Plus, these upcycled restaurants are constructed with durable, weatherproof steel that has a much greater lifespan than vehicles.

After comparing both options, you’ll realize there’s only one clear winner. Shipping containers beat food trucks in every facet of the mobile restaurant industry. Quit the search for a food truck and check out the customizable shipping containers at A Mobile Box. Our suppliers collaborate with aspiring restaurant owners to help their mobile food businesses come to life!

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