Turn Your Shipping Container Into an Art Studio

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Finding places to practice and display your art can be difficult, especially if space is at a premium in your home. Have you been hoping to carve out a little more space for your art? If so, a shipping container office and art studio in Houston, TX might be just the answer. They’re a remarkably effective way to add more livable space to your home, and cost effective, too. With some creative lighting, you’ll have a great place to work on your hobby (or business).

Here’s how a shipping container art studio can work for you:

  • A standalone building: Your shipping container studio is a completely standalone building, which means there’s no need for you to alter your home or business building in any way. That saves you time, money and inconvenience.
  • Easy kits for modification: Using shipping containers as buildings has recently come into fashion in a big way. Many companies offer modification kits, which can include everything from air conditioning to plumbing, doors, windows and more. If you’re an experienced DIY-er, you could modify your new studio entirely by yourself. That saves a lot of money on contractors and supplies!
  • Not subject to most building codes: Since your shipping container studio isn’t going to be your primary residence, it’s not subject to normal home or business codes. That makes it much easier to get your studio up and running—and faster, too, since you won’t have to deal with city and state paperwork.
  • A space devoted just to your art: Finally, the best reason to turn your shipping container into an art studio is having a clearly defined space that’s dedicated solely to your art. Experts suggest that even if you work from home or do something as a hobby, you should do it away from your normal working and living spaces. That helps your brain separate the hobby from downtime, so you’re not constantly thinking of the next thing you “have to” do or whether you should feel guilty for working on something fun. Leave your work in the studio before you go back home—you’re guaranteed to feel happier and more productive if you do.

Ways to customize your shipping container studio

If you’ve decided to get a shipping container for your art studio in Houston, TX, there are a few things you should consider customizing. First, plan to install doors and windows: they offer convenient entry and exit, as well as plenty of natural light. As an artist, talk to a contractor about maximizing the light without fading or otherwise jeopardizing your work.

Second, consider having electricity installed. There are plenty of battery-operated options to pursue, but nothing beats great, reliable lighting.

Finally, if your studio requires running water, you’ll need to find a way to install plumbing infrastructure. Luckily, it shouldn’t be as complex or expensive as adding additional plumbing to your home or office.

For office or art studio shipping containers in Houston, TX, reach out to the team at A Mobile Box today.

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