How Portable Storage Units Are Used in Schools and Universities

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Millions of people use storage units to keep their extra items, furniture and antiques safe, whether temporarily or on a long-term basis. Consumers aren’t the only ones who use storage units, though. In fact, lots of schools and universities use shipping containers on campus for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to learn about the use of portable storage units for universities in Houston, TX and to find out more about the benefits of shipping containers for schools of all types.

Why do schools use storage units?

There are a lot of different reasons why a school or university might need a portable storage unit on campus. To understand why portable storage units for schools in Houston, TX are so popular, it’s important to realize some of the factors that play into construction projects on a school campus. Because schools are typically on government-owned property, constructing a new storage shed or upgrading and existing storage facility can be an incredibly challenging process—no matter how small the new building may be.

Here are some of the things that can slow down a construction project and make it difficult for schools to transition from one storage facility to another:

  • Zoning issues: Any construction project on government-owned property is subject to complicated zoning and permitting regulations. To begin construction of a new storage facility, no matter how small, schools must submit a project design that complies with relevant local, state and federal guidelines. After submitting the design, it must be reviewed and approved by the local permitting office before work begins. In many cases, changes must be made to the design before it is finally accepted and receives a permit.
  • Project budget: Private businesses can finance their own projects, but schools typically have to get budget approval to finance construction projects. Even in districts with lots of political support for school budget funding, this can be challenging.
  • Construction logistics: After receiving approval and getting a project financed, schools must coordinate the actual construction of a new facility. This includes receiving multiple bids, finding a contractor who can handle the project and waiting for work to begin.

Why choose storage units?

To bypass all the complicated aspects of planning a construction project on school property, many educational institutions choose to invest in portable storage units for their schools in Houston, TX. Using a storage unit doesn’t require a permit or zoning approval. In addition, it’s usually a very affordable storage option that’s easier to get funding for in a budget.

Shipping containers for schools in Houston, TX

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