What You Should Know About Shipping Container Offices

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Shipping containers are those large metal boxes that we all see towed behind large trucks on our highways or stacked up like cordwood on massive container ships at sea. They are one of the primary drivers of the supply chain of the nation and the world, and they are one of the great signs of agreement and cooperation among various nations’ economies.

Their uses extend far beyond that, though, as many people use them for temporary residences (like hunting lodges) or even more recently as offices. While this might sound odd at first, portable shipping containers in Houston, TX could be just what your company requires for its additional workspace needs.

Portability of shipping containers

One of the greatest assets of a shipping container is the fact that it’s so portable and so malleable that it can be put to whatever use people need. A lot of companies that have a need for portable office space often wind up using trailers or other mobile units. A lot of these do not have plumbing capabilities, however, which can mean they’re not feasible for usage for longer than a few hours or a few days, and moving them constantly can quickly sap their structural integrity. This can cost you time and money.

A shipping container does not have these limitations. Portable shipping containers in Houston, TX are not just portable—they’re portable enough to be moved often without damaging them.

Comfort and style

Portable shipping containers in Houston, TX can often have much more usefulness and utility than many of our long-time customers expect. They’re capable of being outfitted with all sorts of comforts that might not be possible in trailers or other temporary workspaces. Tired of using a portable toilet in all weather? Shipping containers can be outfitted with plumbing and toilet facilities that let your employees work in comfort. Sick of relying on box fans for your HVAC needs? Portable shipping containers can be outfitted with cutting-edge heating and cooling systems that keep your team working, no matter the weather outside.


Anyone who has ever moved with cheap furniture can tell you that structural integrity diminishes for many items the more often you move them. Trailers are not always made to be moved over and over, and if your business requires this level of movement, you might be running into problems of deteriorating equipment. A shipping container office can help with this, since portable shipping containers are built to last and are built to be moved—you know they’ll be able to withstand the rigors of the road on the move to the next job site.

Our team at A Mobile Box has helped many customers figure out how shipping containers can suit their needs during our years in business. We’ve helped countless clients improve their lives and their efficiency using these wonderfully versatile portable shipping containers in Houston, TX, and we’d be happy to serve you as well, even if you had never considered one in the past. Give us a call today and let us discuss how a shipping container might just be the workspace you never knew you needed!

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