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Shipping container storage in Houston, TX was practically made for pandemics. Storage and moving services are considered essential, and all companies must take precautions for their staff and customers. The portability of shipping containers makes these measures easier, including sanitizing the unit once a customer is finished with it. Here are five reasons why shipping containers are your best option for storage right now:

  • Easy social distancing: With traditional storage, you need to drive to a storage facility, sign a contract and then fill your unit while being in contact with multiple people. This increases your risk and also places staff members in danger. With storage containers, they can be delivered to your home or business with a minimum of interaction. Also, you and your household are the only people to handle your stuff. This offers complete control in packing and storage, but also promotes social distancing.
  • Convenience: Most businesses have restricted their hours, and if they are monitoring how many people are on their premises, you likely have to stand in many lines. This makes every errand take longer than before and has people hungry for convenience. When your container is delivered to you, there is no line, no waiting and no rush. Take your time loading your unit, and if you are able to keep it on your own lot, anything you store is readily available. This is often persuasive if you need the unit while sanitizing your place of business or if you are making short-term space in your home for homeschooling and other COVID-19 changes. Sometimes it is difficult to know when you might need something you’ve stored, so having it nearby is helpful.
  • Security: Shipping containers are designed to survive sea and air voyages only to sit on a dock waiting for the next pickup. For that reason, they are designed to be secure, weather-proof and durable. Containers are made of 8-gauge Corten corrugated steel, which will not sustain damage during transit and is nearly impossible to cut through if an enterprising thief gets that idea. You can lock the container with a padlock and put a lock box over it to prevent bolt cutters. Steel is also impervious to rodents, so you do not have to worry about opening a box only to find a rat nest inside.
  • Size variety: A Mobile Box offers containers in 20- and 40-foot varieties. One 20-foot container can store a variety of items, and if you are looking to store farm machinery or heavier equipment, you can invest in a 40-foot box. If you are not certain which size you need, give us a call so we can guide you.
  • Easily sanitized: Used containers undergo quarantine to make sure they do not arrive at your home full of viruses. Steel is easy to clean and sanitize, so if you are concerned, a quick wipe-down will likely reassure you.

Shipping container storage in Houston, TX is likely your safest and most sanitary option during COVID-19. The best part of all is that you can rent or purchase used or new containers—A Mobile Box offers permanent or temporary solutions with our 20- to 40-foot containers. Contact us today to reserve one.

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