Problem Solved! Business Uses for Shipping Containers

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As businesses grow and change, one of the first challenges they notice is a lack of space. Every business owner knows it’s not cheap to rent or lease office space. Luckily, there’s a convenient and affordable option that can fix this problem: shipping containers.

Shipping containers are perfect for any business in need of more storage space or work space. While the traditional use for shipping containers is to store things, like extra office equipment and furniture, these days it’s not unusual to see shipping container office setups in Houston, TX.

More and more businesses across the U.S. are using shipping containers to solve their everyday problems. Here’s how the versatile shipping container can help you, too.

Extra storage space

One of the most common issues businesses face is stuff accumulating in their work areas. Whether these things are used every day or not often at all, they are important to the success of your business and must be accessible. Therefore, a good option is to consider installing an easy-to-access storage container on-site. Accumulated items will be safe and sound inside the unit, not cluttering up your precious workspace.

Additional office space

You’re stoked that your business is growing, but success means hiring more employees. You’ll somehow need to gain more space to prevent cramped quarters in your current office. If your business requires more space and you don’t want to move to a new location, then a shipping container office placed on-site may be the way to go. Employees can stay near the main office and retain access to shared spaces—such as the lounge, kitchen/lunch room and restrooms—or you can get a unit large enough to install these amenities within each container.

Take your business on the road

Some businesses operate by moving from place to place. This list includes mobile retail stores, food trucks, pop-up bars and companies that deliver their goods to shops or restaurants. Instead of pouring a ton of money into a fully operational work trailer, your business may benefit more by converting a shipping container. After all, shipping containers are meant to move cargo long distances, safely and efficiently. Your business moves when you move!

Soothe warehouse woes

Warehouse operations often run into a common problem: a lack of secure and temperature-controlled workspace for certain individuals and equipment. On-site office areas for people like project managers, foremen and contractors should be free of dust, dirt and debris, and additional work equipment locked up. A shipping container is a fantastic solution for busy warehouse teams.

Skip the permit

Permanent structures require building permits. If you need more functional business space but city building requirements are too strict, consider a mobile structure like a shipping container. This option is perfect if an additional or main brick-and-mortar space on your property is not possible.

Whether your business can use more secure space to store things or you want a shipping container office in Houston, TX, reach out to A Mobile Box. We know we have the perfect storage container for you!

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