Storage Tips for Students

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The college life can be one of the most fun times in our young adulthood, but it’s not fun to bounce around between home, the dorms or other living spaces while school’s out for summer or during other transitional times. For one thing, where are you supposed to put all your stuff?

For the big items, there’s no better storage solution than storage units in Houston, TX. You can safely put away all of your furniture and the stuff you won’t need during that semester abroad or summer internship out of state. A Mobile Box can help—we offer temporary and permanent storage solutions that will work with any budget.

Home or bedroom storage tips

Dorms are notoriously small, which means that if you’re not willing to part with your stuff, you’ll need to get creative with solutions. For stuff you won’t need all the time, under-bed storage boxes can be a handy tool. Store bulky sweaters, blankets or jackets during the hot months, and summertime gear during the cool ones.

If your bed is low to the ground, bed risers can provide vertical under-the-bed space that will help you hide things out of sight—which is especially important in a tiny shared space.

The floor plan for your room is probably small, so using your vertical space is key to maximizing storage. You might choose a lofted bed (if you have a choice). Tall shelves or modular units with baskets will help you take full advantage of this. If there’s no room for a shelf, using adhesive wall hooks helps you hang things without damaging the walls or inciting the wrath of the administration.

Finally, your closet could probably use some help. Shelves and shoe racks can help make the most of your room—just reserve the hangers for the clothing items that really need it, and fold the rest.

When do I need a storage unit?

Sometimes there just isn’t enough room to keep everything you need close by, or you’re couch-surfing, out of town or otherwise unable to hang on to your belongings. This happens a lot during study abroad semesters and summer internships, but sometimes you have to move unexpectedly, your parents aren’t able to store your stuff or your roommates won’t let you hang on to everything you need. In that case, a temporary storage unit can solve the storage problem until you’re able to address the bigger issue.

Whatever your storage needs might entail, A Mobile Box is ready to help.

Storage units in Houston, TX

The team at A Mobile Box has over 15 years of experience serving the Houston area. We offer temporary and permanent storage solutions for everyone from individuals to commercial and retail businesses. If you’re struggling to fit your stuff back into your dorm room or just want to keep some important items nearby, we can help. We have secure, weatherproof and tamper-proof units that are guaranteed to keep your belongings safe. Call us today to discuss your options!

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