Carrying Heavy Objects Safely

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Moving—whether residential, commercial or industrial—is almost always a hassle. It can be stressful, sweaty and overwhelming, and on top of that, if you’re not careful, you can cause yourself injury. At A Mobile Box, we want all of our clients to stay safe while moving things into and out of our large storage containers in Houston, TX. Here are a few safety tips to ensure your moving process goes as smoothly as possible.

Preparation is key

If hiring professional movers isn’t in your schedule or budget, you can still do it yourself. Preparing your stuff to be moved is key. Take a moment to brainstorm which objects you’ll move first, then measure to make sure they’ll fit through doorways and stairwells. (It’s much better to find out something won’t fit before you’re about to drop it.)

Pack your items in multiple medium-sized boxes instead of piling a lot of stuff into large, heavy containers. Remove or secure drawers, shelves and other loose parts, since they can slide out during moving.

Make sure you have plenty of other people around, since moving large objects often requires the strength of at least two adults—and if you try to move an entire home, office or store by yourself, you’re just asking for muscle strain and injury.

Finally, be sure to wear the right clothes for the job. Sturdy work boots, gloves and jeans will help protect you from falling objects or dropped furniture.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Not only should you move with one or more other people, but there are a variety of assistive moving devices that will save you from back injuries. Lifting straps, dollies, stair rollers and sliders are all ways to move heavy objects with minimal effort on your part. They can often be bought or rented from your local hardware store, or borrowed from a handy friend.

Your mother was right: Posture matters

Keeping good posture intact during the heavy lifting is critical to staying injury-free. Always keep your back straight and your elbows tucked in, and lift from your knees—you should feel the effort in your quads, not your back. When you’re carrying heavy items, keep them about waist high. (Holding them over your head or on your shoulders reduces your control.) Finally, don’t rush it—always move large objects slowly and take small steps.

While some of these tips might sound overly cautious, we’ve seen enough moving-related injuries to know that an ounce of prevention is worth a week of bedrest resulting from an injured back.

Large storage containers in Houston, TX

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