Shipping Containers Make Great Swimming Pools!

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You want to install a swimming pool, but aren’t sure a traditional in-ground installation is the best option for you. For properties with limited backyard space, a smaller pool is suggested—and believe it or not, a shipping container may be the solution you’ve been looking for. You might be wondering why you should opt for a shipping container when they offer a smaller swimming space than traditional in-ground pools. Nonetheless, repurposed shipping containers are a creative way to transform your backyard into a relaxing, family-friendly spot.

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about owning shipping container pools in Houston, TX.

The basics of shipping containers

You’ve seen a shipping container before. They are strong, long steel storage boxes used to ship cargo safely over long distances by train, boat or truck. The standard size of these containers is typically 8’ wide x 8.5’ high x 20’ or 40’ long. Features can be added to customize these containers depending on what you want to use them for. The most popular features are interior liners, insulation, heaters, coolers, electricity, doors, windows and plumbing.

Benefits of repurposing a shipping container

Repurposed shipping containers gain more and more popularity each year. Used for more than simply storing things, shipping containers are sourced for projects like home builds and, as mentioned above, swimming pools. Homeowners with small lots who want small pools are turning their sights to shipping containers, as they can easily be installed in or above the ground. You can add a pool deck or patio like you would around a traditional swimming pool. You can even install windows in your container pool for a view of the yard every time you swim.

All in all, shipping container swimming pools provide an industrial feel, strong construction and a modular size and shape. Other benefits include a resistance to rodents, insects and other pests and the ability to be customized.

Tips for those interested in a shipping container pool

If you’re a homeowner interested in a repurposed shipping container pool, then the following tips are for you:

  • Contact a pool builder: A professional pool builder will know local soil conditions, underground water and utility lines and building codes. Yes, you need this service whether you want a shipping container pool or a traditional pool.
  • Choose a location: Take your time finding the best location for your shipping container pool. The container should pair well with your home and blend into your backyard. Factors to consider include sun exposure, distance from the house, access to utilities and privacy.
  • Pick a container type and shape: The most economical move would be to buy a used shipping container—and used containers offer more of an industrial look—but you can also buy one brand new. Determine the size of the area in your yard where you want the pool installed, then select a size. While a single container is 8’ x 8.5’ x 20’ or 40’ feet, you can build a larger pool by welding several containers together.

There’s a growing interest in shipping container pools in Houston, TX. Call A Mobile Box to buy a container today!

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