Using Storage Containers for Oil and Gas Drill Sites

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The oil and gas industry faces unusual challenges, thanks to the need to drill in remote areas. When your business proceedings need to take place in areas far away from towns and their amenities, like hotels, offices, restaurants and other facets of daily life that we take for granted, industry leaders have had to get creative. More and more, oil and gas companies are turning to mobile shipping containers to provide essential gas and oil storage solutions near Houston, TX.

Not only can shipping containers provide safe and secure storage for valuable equipment, but they can also provide shelter for offices and living spaces. Thanks to their climate-controlled, insulated nature, mobile shipping containers are increasingly used to mitigate the problems that come with working so far away from civilization.

Here are the top reasons oil and gas companies love using repurposed mobile shipping containers on remote drill sites:

  • Security: Shipping containers are made of steel and are weatherproof—after all, they’re designed to withstand open-ocean travel. The insides are climate-controlled, while the outsides protect from severe weather from downpours to wind to snow. The secure containers are designed to protect against vandalism and theft, which makes them perfect for storing equipment on-site.
  • Mobility: Shipping containers are, by nature, sturdy and designed to be moved around repeatedly. Whether by truck, train or other methods of transportation, oil and gas companies love using them because their structural integrity will never be compromised during travel.
  • Environmentally friendly: Instead of building and tearing down structures at each site, using mobile shipping containers for offices, housing and storage is an environmentally-friendly option. Energy companies are often legally mandated to comply with strict cleanup standards, so using shipping containers makes it fast and easy to stay on target.
  • Happy employees: Having comfortable accommodations for your employees is key. Worker morale translates to improved productivity, and there’s nothing more important than having a comfortable home to relax in at the end of the day. Repurposed shipping containers can be outfitted with amenities like kitchens, bathrooms and even hot showers, making them a great solution for on-site living spaces.
  • Cost effective: Finally, shipping containers rarely require the use of concrete slabs or in-ground foundations, which makes them even more convenient and cost-effective for your temporary crews and other job-site assets.

If you’ve been searching for an economical, comfortable and convenient option for your remote job site, consider using secure steel shipping containers. A Mobile Box can help.

Gas and oil storage solutions in Houston, TX

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