Industries That Benefit from Portable Storage Units

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Every adult understands the primary function of a portable shipping container. These massive metal rectangles have been used for decades as a critical part of the shipping industry. Moving effortlessly from the back of a semi to the deck of a freighter chugging from port to port, shipping containers are considered immensely useful.

We all know how much the shipping industry relies on these containers. Still, you might be surprised how many different industries get extended use from portable shipping containers in Houston, TX.


Whether you’re remodeling a home or constructing an entirely new building, construction professionals will find immense value in a portable storage solution. Not only can a portable shipping container enable easy transport from site to site, but it can also be used as a secure place to keep construction equipment and materials on-site without having to worry about criminal interference.

Solar, oil and gas

No matter which sector of the energy industry you call your own, the odds are good that you’re going to have business in Texas. In that event, portable shipping containers in Houston, TX can provide a vital component of your business plan. There’s no easier or more secure way to move material from place to place than when it’s tucked inside a shipping container.


Farmers get great use from storage containers as a place to safely keep their equipment between seasons. Not only that, but some farmers around the world have begun to use repurposed storage containers in an innovative technique known as vertical farming.

Vertical farming involves using shelves located inside the storage unit to triple and even quadruple the potential yield in a given space.


Portable shipping containers are an ideal place to store excess desks and school materials, sure, but with just a few small modifications, a shipping container can be repurposed into a classroom on the go. Imagine having enough space to comfortably accommodate all of your students without draining your school’s annual budget.


Because they’re wind and weather resistant, shipping containers are perfect when a retail store needs a place to put excess merchandise before or after it hits the shelves. Opening a new location? A portable shipping unit can help move a high quantity of stock from one place to another with minimal hassle.


In the global community, portable shipping containers help healthcare agencies ship supplies around the country and around the world. Once they’ve arrived on location, some portable shipping containers have even been refitted to serve as mobile doctor’s offices.

Call on A Mobile Box!

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We have a wide variety of shipping containers ready to rent, purchase or rent-to-own. If you have storage needs you need to be met within a 300-mile radius of Houston, TX, we can make it happen. Visit us online or give us a call today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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