Container Storage for the Oil and Gas Industry

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The United States is now heading toward complete international energy dominance. That title has seen a surge of oil and gas exploration and drilling pop up in the country’s bountiful Texas oilfields. Massive mineral deposits like the Permian Basin are driving more jobs and more work on a daily basis. Each new job site, however, requires a host of ancillary materials.

If you’re an oil and gas company concerned with the transport and storage of your equipment in Texas, it’s time to consider modified shipping containers in Houston, TX.

Added peace of mind

Unfortunately, the oil and gas industry has become highly politicized. As a result, oil and gas drilling and exploration tend to draw some public criticism, with some anti-industry advocates going so far as to consider the vandalism of machinery.

When you’re able to padlock your equipment inside a storage container, you can feel comfortable knowing that your stuff is safe, even when you’re not on site.

Protection from Mother Nature

Our modified shipping containers in Houston, TX are resistant to wind, cold and rain. In inclement weather, you’ll feel better having a secure space to store your machinery and protect it from the worst Texas can toss its way.

When the wind picks up speed on that sprawling Texas landscape and starts tossing dust and debris at your machinery, you’ll be happy that it’s behind locked doors when it’s not actively in use.

You can take it with you

When they’re done at a job site, most oil and gas companies are legally required to clean up before they head out. Of course, that makes total sense. When you have access to a storage container, it’s easier than ever to pack up all of your equipment and leftover material and ship it either to a disposal site or your next drilling site.

A touch of home

Often, the most successful oil and gas sites are situated in remote locations far from friends, family or even everyday household amenities. When you bring modified shipping containers to a job site, they can be easily outfitted to include running water, a stove and so much more. In the space required for just two or three storage containers, you can bring a small taste of home to every job site.

You need A Mobile Box

No matter what you’re storing, you can count on A Mobile Box to help make it happen. Whether it’s industrial equipment or residential material, our team can handle it. We offer temporary or permanent storage solutions for your material. If you’d prefer to rent, we can make it happen. Looking to buy? That’s no problem, either. We even have a rent-to-own program available to our valued customers. Whatever your business requires, we’re happy to tailor our services to your needs!

We can even deliver your new modified shipping containers in Houston, TX to anywhere inside a 300-mile radius. Your oil and gas company deserves the best quality and service. You deserve A Mobile Box. Give us a call today—we can’t wait to hear from you!

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