Some Info About Container Home Regulations in Houston, TX

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Shipping container homes can offer a lot of benefits. They’re highly versatile, allow the opportunity to drastically cut down on your impact on the environment and can easily be moved if you wish to do so. Of course, while they may be greatly versatile, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any regulations for you to consider.

Here are some things for you to think about with regard to container home regulations in Houston, TX.

Zoning issues

Zoning is the system used in city planning that breaks up major chunks of urban and suburban areas into various types of zones that determine what kind of properties are allowed to be built in specific areas. The idea is that zoning helps local governments better plan out how a city will grow and develop, and keeps similar types of buildings clustered together. This also allows the city to control population density—some residential zones might only allow single-family homes or duplexes and forbid large apartment complexes.

Most American cities have some pretty strict zoning laws that they enforce. However, Houston is one of the few places in the country that has few zoning laws, or at least a very relaxed zoning policy. This is one of the reasons that shipping container homes are so popular in the Houston area, because there are fewer zoning regulations to worry about.

But even if you are in an area that has stricter zoning regulations, you can still build shipping container homes, so long as you comply with the zoning requirements for that particular area. It’s important to make sure you’re familiar with those regulations before you set your heart on setting up a shipping container home in a particular spot.

Building codes and permitting issues

Another issue you’ll have to consider when building a shipping container home is the building codes and permitting requirements in your area. Even shipping container homes, which are generally much simpler and easier to build than standard homes, will still have certain requirements for structural integrity and building processes. You must go through all of the proper permitting channels and processes to make sure you receive the go-ahead to move forward with your project.

Most of the codes you have to adhere to are based on the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC), so you can expect the same issues to apply just about anywhere you intend to build. It’s important to follow these standards not just to make sure you’re following the law, but also to make sure you’re building a home that’s safe for occupation.

Mobile and modular building codes

Shipping container homes fall under the category of mobile, manufactured or modular homes, which means there will be some specific applicable building standards that you’ll need to be aware of. Make sure to read up on those issues before you start the construction process.

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