A Look at Shipping Container Architecture

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When you think about using storage containers in Houston, TX for living and working spaces, you may think that sounds uniform and boring. However, sometimes uniformity or some degree of standard structure makes even more space for creativity. Architects, designers and homemakers alike are all finding fun ways to personalize and customize their spaces made from shipping containers.

Tiny houses, tiny spaces

Minimalism is not just a temporary fad—it’s a movement. More and more people are choosing to downsize, get rid of junk and clutter they don’t need and move into smaller spaces. Many people are even choosing living and working spaces in tiny homes, which are miniature versions of the large open spaces most of us are used to living and working in. With the right planning and design, these small spaces don’t just feel adequate—they can actually look and feel luxurious, artsy and inspiring.

Think about how much space you actually need and use in your home. You probably gravitate toward one or two favorite spots, and the rest of the house is largely wasted space. There’s a deep satisfaction that sets in when you actually utilize everything you own. Plus, there is a surprising amount of room for creativity and inspiration when you only have so much to work with!

Stylizing tiny homes

The customizability of storage containers in Houston, TX is a huge part of what makes them such an attractive option. All storage containers are the same. They’re built to specific ISO standard dimensions and are made of regulated materials. The only thing different about them is the color they’re painted. You may think this limits creativity, but you haven’t seen what architects and designers, both professional and amateur, are doing with them. There’s a lot of fun in taking something so uniform and standard and making it uniquely yours.

Plus, there’s room to get even more outrageous and outlandish in your design elements when they’re placed against a backdrop of uniformity. The industrial steel look of the container adds an edgy flair to any space, which can be easily cozied up with the right homey accessories. Or, you could play up the industrial aesthetic with even more metal and wood elements.

In addition to the trendiness of the appearance and the creativity involved, shipping containers are part of the sustainability movement. They’re affordable and economical, and reusing shipping containers in place of new construction is a great way to care for the environment. Plus, they’re durable and cheap to maintain!

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