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Across the globe, creative developers and retailers are innovating new ways to recycle old shipping containers. Using these recycled industrial materials, developers are creating inventive spaces for people to live, work, dine and shop. Once relegated to the status of a novelty building material, recycled shipping containers are now becoming increasingly common across the globe.

Large shipping containers in Houston, TX are often a great tool that developers and retailers can use to shape a space. Shipping containers are particularly well suited for pop-ups and temporary retail installations.

The small size and flexibility of shipping containers fosters an intimate experience that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Additionally, shipping containers are effortlessly portable, which makes them ideal for use with traveling pop-up retail installations or as trade show booths. Large shipping containers in Houston, TX are a great tool that savvy retailers can use to help establish their brand and create a sleek, chic and funky corporate image.

There are a number of noteworthy projects that involve the use of old shipping containers, including these following favorites of ours:

  • Detroit Shipping Company: The Detroit Shipping Company is a prime example of the powerful ways that developers can create something truly astonishing out of underutilized materials, like shipping containers. The Detroit Shipping Company is a two-story food hall built out of shipping containers stacked around a central courtyard. The food hall is both a commemoration of Detroit’s gritty industrial past and also a celebration of its revitalization.
  • Green Jeans Farmery: Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Green Jeans Farmery is a creative mixed-use shipping container development that uses the containers to create a vibrant sense of indoor and outdoor space. The Green Jeans Farmery hosts a local brewery, a coffee shop, a boutique ice creamery and a slew of other local businesses. The Green Jeans Farmery bills itself as a hub for the community.
  • Revolutsia: In Wichita, Kansas, Revolutsia is bringing a new meaning to the term “prairie chic.” The indoor-outdoor mall, made from shipping containers, features a number of boutique retailers as well as several dining options. Revolutsia is redefining Wichita and the mall shopping experience all at once. The development involved the reconfiguration of an existing building and the addition of the shipping containers.
  • Ti:me: On the far eastern edge of El Paso, Texas, Ti:me is a new shipping container retail center serving the residents of the Monticello smart development. The shipping container shopping center features nine shops and three full-service restaurants. The shipping container construction facilitates the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor space, which is a perfect solution for El Paso’s dry desert climate.

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