Four Common Uses for Portable Storage Units in Houston, TX During the Wintertime

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A lack of storage space seems to be one of the biggest complaints of many homeowners. Whether you have small items, large items or a bunch of boxes, where is the best place to store all of your things? You can have the biggest house on the block and still not have space in your attic, basement, shed or garage to store all your unused or rarely-used belongings.

Then there is the fact that storage space is a seasonal problem for many people. Luckily, this is where a portable storage container can help. It’s the perfect option to declutter your home or business of seasonal items. Just place what you don’t need right now safely inside your container, then secure it. For instance, you don’t need summer belongings you aren’t going to use within easy access during the winter months. Here are some of the most common uses for portable storage units in Houston, TX when winter comes:

  • Summer clothes: Everyone has clothes and garments they wear year-round, like t-shirts, jeans, socks and tennis shoes, but then there are articles of clothing that go untouched for entire seasons. If you have a small living space or a lack of closet or dresser drawer space, relocating your summer clothes to a storage area outside of your home can do wonders. Using a storage unit throughout the winter months will save you a lot of space, helping you to create room for bulkier winter clothes.
  • Summertime gear and sports equipment: Whether it’s you, your partner or your kids involved with summer sports, there’s bound to be all sorts of recreational sports and hobby gear lying around after the season has ended. And it’s a good bet that you don’t just take part in summer sports, but year-round sports as well. In the summer, gear like hiking boots, tents, life jackets and more need to be within reach. Now that winter is here, you might want easy access to your winter snow gear. So, how can you make room for winter recreational gear? Pack up summer items and keep them inside a portable storage unit!
  • Lawn equipment: Even though you do have to maintain your yard during seasons other than summer, this is nothing like an every-weekend chore during the winter. That means you won’t need the lawn mower, weed whacker, shovel or rake as often. Because a lot of lawn equipment is made of metal and plastic, plan on properly storing pieces out of the elements to keep them dry and away from the risk of damage. Putting lawn equipment into secure storage protects metal parts from rust, corrosion and thieves.
  • Small vehicles: Traditional summertime vehicles include ATVs, dirt bikes, boats and small sports cars. If you are not going to drive small engine vehicles very much (or at all) this winter, consider storing them out of your way. A storage container can be extremely helpful here.

Portable storage units in Houston, TX vary in size, and the team at A Mobile Box can deliver whichever size you need. Call us today for more information!

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