Why Use Mobile Containers in Houston, TX in the Oil and Gas Industry?

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Did you know mobile containers in Houston, TX are perfect for the oil and gas industry? That’s right—these shipping containers are ideal to use as oil and gas industry containers in Houston, TX. Create your personnel camp or oilfield village quickly and efficiently with this ingenious solution.

Not convinced? Consider the following advantages offered by mobile containers in Houston, TX. You might be surprised at the many benefits your company can enjoy with this incredible housing and storage solution. For more information, contact your local container experts at A Mobile Box.Com LLC.

A Mobile Solution

To meet the demands of the industry, oil and gas crews need to remain mobile. Oil and gas industry containers in Houston, TX make setting up or relocating your camp easy and affordable. They require no foundation and can be transported via truck. This means you don’t have to invest in structures at each job site. Simply transport the entire camp and set up the new one in no time. Create an entire village in a day.

A Versatile Solution

Oil and gas industry containers in Houston, TX can be modified to create a variety of site solutions. Your mobile containers can serve as living units, laundry rooms, office space, cafeterias, infirmaries, shower facilities, recreation areas, storage and more. If you need more space for added crew or equipment, simply add another container. The space is so versatile, there’s little you can’t do with it.

A Secure Solution

Steel-framed mobile containers in Houston, TX offer protection from both man and nature. They are wind- and water-tight, so your containers offer climate-controlled quarters for living spaces or storage. These qualities will also allow them to weather open-road and open-ocean travel when you need to move to your next location. Further, the steel structure offers protection against theft, vandalism and fire while on-site or in transit.

A Green Solution

Oil and gas industry containers in Houston, TX offer a sustainable option for the energy sector. This solution allows companies to avoid creating manufactured housing at each site. They are fully reusable, saving energy, manpower, materials and other resources. They also help remove unused shipping containers from ports.

A Comfortable Solution

Crew morale is integral to a project’s success. When the crew is well-rested, comfortable and happy, productivity increases. How can you create an affordable, efficient, practical worksite that the crew can enjoy? Mobile containers in Houston, TX can create inviting amenities for job sites that provide relaxing indoor space to refresh the crew and keep morale high.

Get the Solution

Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits of oil and gas industry containers in Houston, TX? Don’t miss out on the advantages of this ideal solution. Contact the container professionals at A Mobile Box.Com LLC today. As members of the Texas Self Storage Association and the National Portable Storage Association, we are family owned and operated and take pride in the level of service we offer each of our customers. Our superior products and services have made us a leading provider of mobile containers in Houston, TX since 2014. Contact our friendly staff today!

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