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If you are looking for a creative way to boost your business without breaking the bank, consider reassessing your location or workspace. Have you ever thought about utilizing storage containers to expand your space? How can your business benefit from portable container sales in Houston, TX? Read on to find out!

Mobile offices

Affordable office rental spaces are out there, but maybe not where you live and work. It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small—a tight budget means having to compromise on business expenses. Here’s an idea: instead of renting or leasing office space in a building, get yourself a shipping container to convert into a mobile office. Shipping containers can be customized to look like a traditional office space or personalized to reflect your business goals.

Unique shop

A portable shipping container company can deliver a unit to wherever you need it. As a result, some creative small shop owners choose to use portable containers as their physical store location. Since these shipping containers are mobile, having to vacate a space does not mean losing their business. All the shop owner has to do is move their storage unit to a new location. There’s little downtime, and it’ll be back in business in a flash.


A business owner may use their garage as a workspace for any number of activities. While the garage is not a bad place to set up shop, it might not offer privacy or allow for proper organization. Good thing portable shipping containers are versatile and can be used for more than just storage! Containers are durable, flexible and waterproof, and are easy to modify—you can add doors, windows, shelving, flooring, skylights, wall insulation, vents and even electricity.  Use a container as a workshop or workspace to focus on your photography, writing, sculpting, woodworking, freelancing or small business.

Moving business locations

Leasing a business workspace works for many people, but there will come a time when the team is either forced to move or chooses to move to another location for whatever reason. If you are not in a rush to move, consider renting a portable storage container instead of a moving truck. Find a storage container rental company that offers unit drop-off and pickup. It can be delivered close to your building so your team can pack up at their leisure, take things out to the container and lock the doors behind them. Once it’s time to move, have the rental container transported to your new business location.

Adequate and convenient storage space

Depending on your storage needs and budget, your options are to rent or buy a storage unit. These containers are perfect for holding excess personal or business belongings that would otherwise clutter up your home or office. Portable storage containers are similar to standard storage units, except portable containers come to you, while stationary units in a facility do not.

Here at A Mobile Box.Com LLC, we are happy to help you select the right rental container or walk you through important information about portable container sales in Houston, TX. Give us a call today to learn more!

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