How to Choose Large Storage Containers in Houston, TX

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Not everyone needs a storage container, but if you do, you want one that’ll last a long time and keep the things stored inside safe. Whether you need to reinspect your existing containers or are checking out different containers to use, it’s important they are the right ones for your needs. Here are the top features you should consider before choosing your next large storage containers in Houston, TX.

Inspect all exterior walls

Heavy-duty storage containers are typically large in size and very sturdy. But for as massive as some are, no container is totally immune to damage. To be sure the container is in good condition, walk around it, looking it up and down, keeping your eyes peeled for gouges or cuts. It’s important to inspect containers from the outside because certain types of damage are hard to find from the inside.

Note questionable patches that may cause problems in the future. Streaky rust is something to be concerned about, as this is usually caused by roof or top rail damage to the container. The walls of the container should be straight, not dented, and the top and bottom rails should also be straight and in good shape.

Check the undercarriage and roof

Since you’ve made the time to visit the yard for a new storage container, don’t hesitate to ask to see the undercarriage of specific containers. Make sure the undercarriage is in good shape and protected from potential rusting. Inspecting the roofs of containers is another crucial step. Most container yards have a safe way for customers to check out the roofs of containers. Instead of walking around up top, just get up high enough to inspect it visually. Scan for rust buildup in the corner fittings and all around. Any dented areas are likely to hold water, and could possibly corrode later.

Inspect the interior

The floors of large storage containers are made of thick plywood that’s secured to a steel understructure. When inside the container, look for soft spots, loose joints, broken sections or areas appearing to be under heavy strain. Check the inside walls for dents and scrapes. This type of small damage is normal, but damage that lets you see to the outside is not. Also, look up at the ceiling. Dents near the corners may actually be split paint or surface rust, which most of the time can be patched.

Finally, don’t be shocked if there’s a smell in there. Containers may develop odors over time or after a particular type of use, so make sure the one you are interested in is not too offensive to your sense of smell or to whatever you’ll be storing.

Test the doors

Test the lock rods on the doors for yourself instead of watching the container sales representative do it. Lock rods should be straight and swing freely. It shouldn’t be a fight to open the doors. Confirm with your own eyes and the rep that the gasket seals on the inside and outside are not damaged, broken or cut. If damage is severe enough, water can get inside the container.

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