Tips to Preserve Your Items While in Storage Units in Houston, TX

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You ran out of space in the garage. You downsized to a home without a basement. You inherited Grandma’s bedroom furniture and aren’t sure what to do with the oversized oak monstrosities. Whatever your situation, you’ve had to put some items in storage units in Houston, TX.

Now what? You might not be sure how long the items will be there. How can you make sure they remain in good condition until you need them again? Use the following tips to preserve your items while they are being kept in storage units in Houston, TX:

  • Books: If you have any books to add to your storage units in Houston, TX, first make sure all of the books are completely dry. Spread them out in a room with a dehumidifier for several days before packing them away to put in storage. Once dry, wrap any leather books in paper. Then, pack the books in small boxes. (Large boxes become too heavy to move and can easily break due to the weight.) To avoid spine damage, place books flat in the boxes rather than upright.
  • Clothing: How you store clothes depends partly on the amount of time they will be in your storage units in Houston, TX. If you are placing items in storage until the seasons change, you can get away with fewer preservation measures. However, for clothes that will be stored long term, you should use mothballs or another insect repellent. It’s also recommended that you hang garments in wardrobe boxes rather than fold the clothing. This will provide sufficient ventilation to prevent mold and will keep clothes wrinkle-free. Delicate or expensive items should be wrapped in protective covers.
  • Electronics: Before storing electronic devices, clean them thoroughly. You want to ensure they are completely dust-free as they enter storage. If available, pack the devices in their original boxes. Use packing materials to ensure a snug fit in whatever box you use. Seal each one completely so no moisture can reach your electronics while they are in your storage units in Houston, TX.
  • Furniture: To prep furniture for long-term storage, first empty it and vacuum it. Clean surfaces with a soap and water solution, then let it dry completely. Use a coat of wax to seal wood finishes and wipe metal parts with oil. Once cleaned and protected, disassemble large pieces. Place hardware in a plastic bag and tape the bag to an unfinished portion of the furniture. Use bubble wrap or cloths to protect small protrusions. Cover the furniture with fabric furniture covers, sheets or blankets. (Sheets should be white cotton to avoid color bleed in humid locations.)

Get More Tips

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