Six Pricy Items Found in Self Storage Units

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If you’ve ever seen the TV show “Storage Wars,” then you know that people can sometimes keep some pretty pricy stuff in large storage containers in Houston, TX and around the world. Often, no one but the storage unit’s renter is even aware of what’s in a unit—which is how it should be—and the facts aren’t revealed until, for whatever reason, the unit’s contents go up for auction. Lots of people have gotten some pretty fantastic surprises through storage unit auctions. Here’s a fun look at some of the most outlandish and expensive items people have found in self storage units:

  • A Lamborghini: You’d likely want to keep an expensive sports car in your own garage or driveway, so you could drive it and show it off whenever you wanted. But a Florida self-storage facility once had a customer who parked their Lamborghini, valued at a quarter million dollars, in a self storage unit!
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee: A bag of coffee beans doesn’t cost much—but what about an entire large storage unit full of the caffeinated goodness? Coffee distributors will sometimes use portable containers in Houston, TX and elsewhere to keep their beans cool and dry, and that value can easily add up.
  • Striking gold: Imagine buying a storage unit for a couple hundred dollars, only to open it up and find it brimming with bags of silver and gold coins! This actually happened once at an auction in Sacramento, and the buried treasure was worth thousands of dollars. It just goes to show that when it comes to storage units, don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • Shop ’til you drop: If you’re familiar with the concept of “retail therapy,” then it shouldn’t surprise you that sometimes people’s shopping habits get so out of control that they need a storage unit just to keep all their latest purchases in. Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, home goods or something else, a storage unit definitely comes in handy when you do a little more than just window shopping.
  • Caviar: Some storage facilities specialize in wine storage, and offer refrigerated units for their connoisseur customers. But some folks are known to use these upscale storage options for keeping caviar—which can be priced at up to $100 an ounce!
  • Musical memories: Celebrities will often use storage units kept under someone else’s name, so that they don’t have to worry about being the target of thieves or nosy fans. That was the case for Michael Jackson. In fact, a Southern California storage facility owner had no idea the King of Pop was renting one of her units until after he passed away.

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