What Size Portable Container Do You Need?

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Choosing the right sized portable storage container can be a bit of a challenge. The idea of stuffing a house’s worth of furniture or the entire contents of an office building into a portable storage unit can be hard to fathom for even the most organized person. On the other hand, it isn’t any easier to gauge just how much space you will need for storing a few unneeded items temporarily during a home remodel. You need a portable storage unit large enough to fit everything, but not so large that a significant amount of space goes unused after it is loaded up.

There’s no single correct answer when it comes to identifying the ideal size for your storage container. Ultimately, it will depend on a variety of different factors, like the intended usage of the unit and the items to be stored inside. Keep the following tips in mind to avoid renting too large or too small of a portable container in Houston, TX:

  • Consider the usage: The first step is to determine the intended usage of the unit. Start by identifying what will be placed inside of the unit. Will it be used for packing up a home for a move? A larger home will obviously require a bigger unit, while smaller apartments could suffice with a less sizable option. The space demands will differ slightly if you plan on using the unit for a tiny home or an office. Then, figure out how long you will need to use the storage containers.
  • Clean or dirty items: Two containers might be the best option if you plan on storing a mix of both indoor items, like furniture and old clothing, as well as lawn mowers or other outdoor equipment. Using two units will help to keep everything separated to avoid any risk of contamination. Plus, the additional organization will make it easier to find items quickly.
  • List everything: Next, list every single item that will be held in the storage container. This will help you better understand the minimum amount of space needed. Any appliances or large family heirlooms will take up more space than a few boxes.
  • Round up: When in doubt, select a large storage container in Houston, TX. It’s always easier to work with too much space, as opposed to not enough. Most storage container rental companies offer a selection of different sizes. There’s only a marginal difference in cost between each size, so it makes more sense to opt for the larger option instead of struggling to fit everything inside of a smaller unit.

Don’t hesitate to contact A Mobile Box.Com LLC today for additional guidance on selecting the right sized portable storage container. Our storage experts will help you find the space you need at an affordable price. We are here to answer any questions you may have about purchasing or renting portable containers in Houston, TX. Call us today for your free quote—we look forward to assisting you!

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