The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

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Finding a place to store all your stuff can be a hassle. If you’re looking to clear out your house or apartment, but don’t want to get rid of it, self storage is an option. Once you decide to use self storage units in Houston, TX, you’ll need to figure out how exactly you want to do that and what type of storage units you’re looking for. These steps are relatively easy, but very important. Overlooking them can cause problems for you in the future:

  • Choose reliable storage: This one may be obvious. When storing items in storage units, you’re placing a lot of trust in that business. Before making your purchase, do some research. Go online and find some reviews of the company. Read up on past customer experiences, and don’t pick the cheapest storage unit just because of cost. If it’s much, much lower than their competition, something may be up.
  • Take an inventory: Make out a list of what you’re storing. You can do this ahead of time and then do a check-off when you pack it into the storage unit. This helps you keep track of what you’re storing. When done ahead of time, it can also help give you an idea of the size you’ll need for a storage unit. An inventory will also help you when looking for something or, in the worst-case scenario, if something is stolen out of your storage unit.
  • Label your boxes: Whether it’s a quick stop or an extended storage stay, you should label your boxes. Labels will obviously help you find something you’re looking for more quickly. That’s especially true in a storage unit in Houston, TX. You may not be there for weeks or months, and when you come back, you may not remember where you placed the box with the dinner plates.
  • Valuables not needed: While storage units are safe, the general rule is that anything you store in a storage unit, you should be able to afford to lose. Avoid storing something very valuable or rare in a storage unit. You’ll avoid any worry about the important item getting stolen or damaged.
  • Pack strategically: While storing your possessions in a storage unit, you’ll want to do it with a certain strategy in mind. If it’s a mobile storage unit, you’ll want to be aware the boxes could shift and slide. If there’s anything you will probably need to grab, you’ll want to make it easily accessible. Finally, try and keep heavy items lower to the ground. You don’t want something falling and crushing you or any of your other possessions.

When storing your possessions, you always want to store smart. Here at A Mobile Box.Com LLC, we’ll keep your possessions safe and secure in our storage units in Houston, TX. We offer temporary and permanent storage solutions for commercial and retail business storage, construction storage and residential storage, with many unit sizes to choose from. Call or stop in today to speak with one of our storage experts. You can also request a quote online!

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