Five Helpful Tips to Manage Your Inventory

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Managing inventory is not something many people enjoy. Staying on top of your inventory can mean the difference between a successful business and a failure. Mobile storage units in Houston, TX can be a major boon to keeping things in order and where you need them. They can’t be beat when you’re looking to store products for a low monthly rate. Mobile storage units can also help keep your costs down, since your inventory is on site and you don’t have to drive to a separate facility. Here are five helpful tips for managing your inventory:

  • Optimize your space: Keeping everything nice and in order can help make taking inventory a breeze. You can do this by taking advantage of the type of space you have. Whether it’s a backroom or a mobile storage unit in Houston, TX, make the most of what you have. You’ll also want to keep track of where you’re putting everything when you optimize your storage space. Put important items or necessary equipment in easy-to-reach places. Also, make sure everyone who needs to know is aware of where everything is and should be.
  • Technology is your friend: Technology can be a great help in these situations. It can help you manage your inventory and automate some key operations. Updating inventory and spreadsheets can be as easy as pressing a few buttons. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable around technology, hire a respectable business to help you out and learn what you can. A little information can go a long way.
  • Simplify your work: Make managing your inventory easier on you. Take advantage of cycle counting or a partial stock count of a specific area of your storage. If you’re using a mobile storage unit, you may be able to stack your inventory in such a way that you only need to count the front row. This is because you know the back of the stack hasn’t been touched yet and has a certain number based on the number of rows deep and high that are left. This means you won’t have to count every single item in your mobile storage unit in Houston, TX.
  • Liquidate what you don’t need: If you’re struggling to sell something, or it just keeps sitting in your mobile storage unit, just think about liquidating it. A stagnant inventory isn’t putting money into your business, and it could be limiting your storage space. Don’t just throw it out, though—sell it. Have a big sale, or maybe offer a deal on a bulk purchase.
  • Prevent loss: Taking an inventory can help you figure out if anything is missing. For many businesses, that’s a big deal. Theft can be a problem, and with a properly kept inventory, you can find out if something’s wrong right away. Keeping valuable inventory out of sight is also a good idea. One safe and secure location is a mobile storage unit.

When storing your possessions, you always want to store smart. Here at A Mobile Box.Com LLC, our mobile storage units in Houston, TX are designed to make storing your inventory easier, less stressful and better organized. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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