Four Alternative Uses for Portable Storage Containers in Houston, TX

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For most people, portable storage containers are nothing more than large shipping crates meant for transporting cargo, equipment or furniture. While portable containers in Houston, TX certainly are great when used for shipping and moving, they can be useful in other applications, as well.

Creative minds have recently found ways to repurpose storage containers for additional space on the property of their home or business. With a little bit of imagination, you can transform these containers into just about anything! Here are four alternative uses you can try by purchasing or renting storage containers in Houston, TX.

Short-term home storage

When you decide to upgrade a part of your home, whether that involves new flooring, a fresh coat of paint or a complete remodel, you’re going to have a lot of stuff to protect. Furniture, decorations and other objects can be covered, but you run the risk of damaging them or cluttering your home during construction.

Instead, it’s super easy to rent or purchase portable containers in Houston, TX and use one to store your furniture and belongings while the renovation is underway. Your things will be kept safe and dry, and your home will be clear and clutter-free to get the job done faster. Once the project is complete, you can move everything back in and return the container or keep it for another use!

Workshops, art studios and offices

Space is limited in many American homes, so a lot of people lack a space of their own to pursue their passions. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to add another room onto your house, consider purchasing a storage container to keep on your property and convert it into a space for your hobby, whether it is music, art or woodworking.

Portable containers are also great for creating on-site offices, whether for residential homeowners or construction crews working on a project site.

Tool or equipment sheds

If you have a small garage and space is limited, you probably don’t have a space to hold any lawn or gardening equipment. You could purchase or build a shed, but these often take time and effort to construct, and cheaper plastic options are often flimsy and unreliable. Instead, place a storage container on your property and use it to store all your outdoor equipment—from lawn mowers to snow blowers to gardening tools.

In the construction and commercial business worlds, portable storage containers are also useful for storing equipment needed on-site. Costs can easily add up if you’re transporting equipment back and forth, and could even get damaged in the process. Keeping them stored safely on the property makes it easier for everyone.


Although they are far from traditional, portable storage containers can actually be outfitted to serve as residences! This will take some major fixing up and renovation, but a growing number of people have built a home out of one or more containers, creating an urban and unique look on their property.

If you’re interested in using storage containers in an alternative way or simply need one for temporary or long-term storage, call A Mobile Box. We offer a variety of secure, weather- and tamper-proof portable containers in Houston, TX for short- and long-term rental, rent-to-own or purchase! With multiple sizes to choose from and delivery to your property, we’re sure to have something useful for your storage needs!

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