Five Reasons Why Homeowners Love Portable Storage Units in Houston, TX!

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Not too long ago, moving and storage options were somewhat limited. If you needed to move your belongings from one house to another, you hired movers or you rented a storage unit at a facility. Today, portable storage units offer homeowners, business owners and others the opportunity to store items temporarily during moves, spring cleaning, home remodeling projects, de-cluttering tasks and so much more. This option lets you take back your home!

So, is a temporary storage solution right for your needs? Here are five reasons why homeowners love portable storage units in Houston, TX:

  • Additional home storage: In time, homeowners may find themselves lacking space to store things inside their home. Their closets are packed full or the garage can no longer be used for parking the car. If this describes your home situation, then you can probably use some extra storage space. With the help of portable storage containers, you can clear out your garage, de-clutter your home, pack away seasonal clothing and furniture and safely store family heirlooms on a temporary or long-term basis.
  • Helpful during home renovations: If you are planning a home remodeling or renovation project, consider renting portable storage units to store all the household items that need to be moved out of the way. Portable units are a safe and secure storage option, perfect for storing appliances, furniture and boxed-up belongings, while also providing a safe place to store new building materials.
  • Summer storage option for college students: College students who live on campus in the dorms have to move out for the summer. Renting a portable storage unit can take the stress and hassle out of moving your college student! Not to mention it saves you from having to store all their belongings—furniture, bed, clothes, appliances and other odds and ends—in your garage all summer. Simply pack your child’s dorm room into the container and have it picked up from campus and delivered to a storage facility until fall.
  • Storage during home staging: Since you can’t shove clutter into the den or garage when showing your home, de-cluttering is a crucial step in staging your home for an open house. Removing clutter, such as bulky furniture and packed moving boxes, makes the home you are trying to sell look tidier and more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Convenient for local moves: Moving from one house to another is not that simple. It’s time-consuming and can be expensive, and often makes you feel rushed. With portable storage units delivered to your home, you can pack at your own leisure, stress-free and affordably. Call the company after the unit is packed to have it picked up and delivered to your new home. You can take your time unpacking, since you can rent the unit for as long as you need.

If you find yourself needing to move your belongings from one location to another, consider portable containers in Houston, TX. These types of storage units are convenient, affordable and easy to fill, making them a sought-after solution for a variety of residential needs. Contact A Mobile LLC today for more information!

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