What to Know About Portable Storage in Houston, TX Before You Rent a Unit

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Portable storage containers are popular for people who are moving and need a secure way to transport certain belongings to a new home. However, before you book a unit, there are several considerations you need to be aware of.

Here’s a brief overview of what you should know about temporary storage units in Houston, TX before you actually go out and rent a unit:

  • You’ll do the actual packing: In most circumstances, portable containers will get dropped off outside your home. You will be left in charge of the loading, so it’s up to you to make sure all of the items you’re packing in the unit have been appropriately secured inside of it. You want to make sure you prevent those items from getting jostled around and potentially broken.
  • You should keep climate needs in mind: While many storage facilities have climate controlled storage units, mobile storage containers are usually not climate controlled. This means that if you have any items that are sensitive to temperature swings, you should be aware that the unit might not be the best way to transport those items.
  • Not all mobile storage units are waterproof: Storage containers can be made with a wide variety of materials, including canvas, metal and wood. Check with the provider of the unit to see which of their portable unit options are waterproof in case that is something you need in your storage units for your move.
  • There are many different sizes: When choosing a storage container, you should consider more than just the price you’re paying. For example, is the unit big enough to hold all of the items you wish to store in it? Double check the dimensions before you choose your unit, as they come in different lengths and widths. There’s no standardization of sizes across the industry. This also means you should have a good idea of your space requirements before choosing your storage unit.
  • Neighborhood considerations: Not all communities take kindly to large portable storage units being placed outside, especially if they’re put on the street next to the curb. If parking on the street is prohibited and you have a storage unit sitting out there, you could be forced to pay fines. Also consider that, if parked on your lawn, the storage container could cause some damage to the grass. The longer the unit remains in one spot, the more likely your landscaping will suffer.
  • You are liable for damage: Just about any company that provides portable storage units will have clauses indicating that you are responsible for any damage caused to the unit during its rental period. Keep this in mind and take good care of the unit to ensure you don’t get charged extra fees to cover the damage.

These are just a few examples of some of the primary considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when thinking about renting portable storage in Houston, TX. Contact A Mobile Box.Com LLC today for more information.

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