When Are Ventilated Mobile Storage in Units in Houston, TX Necessary?

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If you’ve considered getting a storage unit in the past, you might have heard about ventilated storage units. These units feature vents that promote the circulation of air. In some cases, you might not require this feature for your storage needs, but there are certain items that should always be stored in a ventilated storage unit. It’s important to consider which items you want to store and whether you need to think about finding a storage unit that offers ventilation. Find out more about the items that should be stored exclusively in ventilated temporary storage units in Houston, TX so that you know exactly what to ask for the next time you stop by a storage facility for help with your self-storage needs:

  • Equipment and machinery: Even though heavy machinery is designed to withstand extreme weather and conditions, prolonged storage without proper ventilation can lead to lasting damage. Moisture can accumulate in mobile storage units in Houston, TX, which may lead to the development of rust on your machinery. Vents allow air circulation to disperse moisture and reduce the risk of rusting and mechanical damage.
  • Chemicals: If you are storing any kind of chemicals or flammable materials, it is essential that you keep them in a ventilated storage unit. It is dangerous, and in some cases illegal, to store flammable materials in a closed storage container that doesn’t have any airflow or ventilation. It’s important that you find out which laws apply to the materials that you are interested in storing, and talk to the professionals at the storage facility you are working with to ensure that you are in compliance with the law and with the guidelines of the facility.
  • Dry goods: Even though it might seem like dry goods should be kept in a completely sealed storage container, this can actually cause more harm than good. When there isn’t any circulation, it is easy for condensation to form inside a storage container. When this happens, dry goods can begin developing rot.
  • Furnishings: Your home furnishings need some circulation of air, too. Not only can moisture lead to the growth of mold and mildew, it can also cause your belongings to become warped and misshapen over time.
  • Vehicles: Just like heavy machinery, vehicles like cars and motorcycles also need to be stored in ventilated temporary storage units in Houston, TX. In addition to the threat of rust, vehicles also contain flammable fluids that should be stored in a unit that is properly ventilated.

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