Have You Noticed Rust Patches on Your Mobile Storage Containers in Houston, TX? Don’t Worry!

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Over time, some rust and dents are inevitable in a steel storage container. Steel can be made more rust resistant with treatments and paints, but ultimately rust will always be one of the challenges faced by steel. The good news is that small patches of rust are totally normal, are manageable and do not affect the structural integrity of storage containers in Houston, TX. Please allow us to explain.

How rust is formed

Steel is an iron alloy. All iron is inherently susceptible to rust, which is oxidation. Oxygen molecules, usually from water, work their way into the surface of the iron, bond with the iron to form a new compound—the flaky, unstable rust, also known as oxide. Given enough time, water and oxygen, every bit of iron would convert totally to rust and disintegrate. Luckily, that happens at a very slow and manageable pace! This is why steel and other iron alloys are still extremely crucial to industry, forming the backbone of steel skyscrapers, huge factories and the enormous cargo ships that we all rely on for our goods.

If you’re looking for a bottom line here, it’s this: a little bit of rust is unavoidable, and nothing to worry about. If you want something totally resistant to rust, you’re probably going to end up with something made out of plastic. The strengths of steel far outweigh its susceptibility to rust, which is a problem that’s fairly simple to keep under control with a little maintenance.

Does rust make my storage container less reliable?

No. In a vacuum, perhaps rust would change the effectiveness of your storage container, but we do not keep containers that have that level of rust. We regularly and thoroughly check the quality of our storage containers, so you can be absolutely sure that any cosmetic issues you’re seeing with your storage container—rust and dents for example—are just that: cosmetic. Your storage containers in Houston, TX are still virtually indestructible, impossible to break into, watertight and fully functioning.

Some rust and small dents are normal

Please perform a thorough self-examination of your storage container when you receive it! We really appreciate the customers who take the time to do so. And please feel free to ask us about or point out anything you have concerns about. Keep in mind, if you can, that a small amount of rust and a small number of dents are usual. Storage containers are picked up by enormous machines, they travel across the ocean again and again and they’re pulled by trains. Throughout all of this, they take a beating, but because they’re made of steel, they remain rugged and tough.

At A Mobile Box.Com LLC, we offer the most reliable and most thoroughly tested storage units in all of Houston, TX. Our storage containers are a great way to store all your most treasured possessions (or whatever you want) at a low monthly rate. Please give us a call today to hear all about your options for buying and renting new and used storage units, and the many uses our storage units can be put to, such as being used as a painting studio or a hunting shelter. We look forward to hearing from you!

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