What Are WWT Storage Containers in Houston, TX?

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There are many reasons why you might need to utilize a large storage container. You’re moving and can’t take everything with you; you’re trying to de-clutter your house; you’ve inherited some items; you’re remodeling and need a place to keep things for a while. Whether your storage needs are temporary or permanent, know that you have options. However, you should always opt for storage units that are sealed tight against the elements and thieves—like wind- and water-tight (WWT) containers.

Let’s take a closer look at wind- and water-tight storage containers in Houston, TX, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

What exactly are WWT containers?

Wind- and water-tight shipping containers are excellent for storing a wide range of goods, and as their name suggests, WWT containers are designed to protect goods from the potential damaging effects of outside forces like winds, water and other liquids. In short, they keep these things from getting inside the container and damaging the stored goods.

However, it’s also important to note that WWT containers are not flood-proof. While primarily used for transporting goods on cargo ships, they are also often used to store a variety of items and personal belongings on land, meaning they are still susceptible to the effects of extreme weather events.


There are some serious benefits to renting WWT storage containers instead of other kinds, such as refurbished shipping containers:

  • WWT containers are designed to prevent damage from outside elements, including downpours and strong winds.
  • Many have already been used or tested, so their abilities to keep out wind, water and other liquids are already known.
  • WWT storage containers are great for storing belongings like personal possessions, furniture, home business supplies and office equipment.
  • High quality WWT containers may be tamper-proof, depending on the security features used by the storage unit company.
  • These storage units are good for exporting or importing goods on cargo ships. They are built to withstand the powerful winds and splashing seas, even after years of use.


While there are many advantages associated with WWT storage containers, there are some disadvantages, too—although most of these have to do with actually shipping the container on a vessel:

  • WWT containers are typically not preserved, which means that, if the exterior gets scratched down to the metal, that area may begin to rust. But these types of units are built strong and made of steel, especially since they can manage through sea travels.
  • “Wind- and water-tight” does not mean “flood-proof.” Being submerged in water for any length of time will lead to the loss of the goods inside the container.

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