Check the Floorboard of Your Mobile Container in Houston, TX for Strength

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The floorboard of your mobile container in Houston, TX is its most important structural element. It will mean the difference between surviving an ordeal and experiencing a failure. The best way to assure it remains intact is to understand how to preserve it and watch it carefully so you can fix damage before it becomes an issue. Here is how to take care of your container floorboard:

  • Even packing: The biggest stress to the floorboard is bad weight distribution. If one end of your container contains heavier items than the other end, you are courting disaster. Many times, especially in longer-term storage and shipping situations, the floorboard must be completely replaced due to bad packing or you will have a bad surprise the next time you use it. If there were times you knew your container was packed in a hasty manner, check the floorboard as soon as possible.
  • Know your container’s capacity: Besides careless packing, over-packing also wreaks havoc on the floorboard. If you are storing or moving something heavy, like a bulldozer, assure you purchase or rent the right type of container. Also do not forget to carefully consider items that are deceptively heavy, like books. While you may not think of books as being quite like heavy machinery, the weight can add up if you fill a mobile container with them. Capacity and packing distribution needs to be considered with household items, too. This concern is not limited to commercial applications.
  • Pursue alternatives cautiously: Since the floorboard is usually made from slow-growing hardwood, demands in container production create a desire for alternatives. Bamboo and bamboo-hybrid floorboards are the most successful alternatives, but other options have failed to meet standards. The shipment and storage of valued material is not the best time to be a guinea pig for a manufacturer’s experiments. Research alternative materials before you relying on them to keep your items safe.
  • Employ careful handling: Another common enemy of the container floorboard is reckless handling. Careless forklift operators may drop containers or fail to secure a good grip on them before moving. This can also happen because operators choose to move containers that are beyond their equipment’s capacity. Not only do you want skilled workers handling your containers, but you also need to provide them with the correct equipment. Make this job easier and your containers will face fewer damaging incidents.
  • Be familiar with testing: There are testing facilities that confirm the capacity and durability of shipping containers. They have different standards but label the limits clearly. While it will take additional effort to assure you understand these standards and know the capabilities of your shipping containers, it reduces the costs that arise from damaged floorboards. These standards also indicate the best type of vehicle to move the containers, so they provide you with guidance for buying equipment, too.

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