Building a Home out of Storage Containers in Houston, TX? Avoid These Five Mistakes

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Homes made out of storage containers in Houston, TX are becoming a popular cost-effective alternative to traditional building methods. The problem arises when you jump into this project without thinking through essential details. This failure can kill your plans before you build, or worse, lead you to create an illegal structure. If you decide this is your next living option, be sure to avoid these five mistakes:

  • Ignoring planning regulations: Like any other home, storage container designs must comply with local regulations. Imagine finishing your project only to be told you must take it down. That is the risk you take if you do not confirm its legality first. Prepare to receive approval by drafting detailed plans and purchasing a plot of land on which to build. It can take a few weeks to secure a permit, but at least you know your new home will meet requirements.
  • Buying containers sight unseen: We have become so accustomed to successfully buying everyday products online that we barely blink when it comes to doing the same with major purchases. This is risky, as you may end up with containers that are the wrong size, or worse, in bad condition. You do not have to avoid used containers entirely, but you should see them in person first. Otherwise, you may end up paying money for containers that require repair or are only useful for scrap metal.
  • Choosing short containers: The standard height of a shipping container is 8’6”. Since insulation will likely lower your ceiling by at least 1’, this can make installing features like ceiling fans interesting—unless you happen to be short. Many builders learn after the fact that high cube containers, which are 9’6” tall, work better and expand your options. This is another reason why planning ahead is so essential. If you’ve already purchased ceiling fans and elaborate lighting for your new home, making the wrong decision on containers could turn these into hazards.
  • Installing the wrong insulation: The insulation for your storage container home will make the difference between overheated misery every summer and a lovely, cool oasis. You also need to choose the right type to keep out monsoon rains. There are many options for insulation. Spray foam works well against rain, but since it is normally warm and dry here, you want something that is not as airtight. Research this thoroughly or consider hiring an insulation contractor for this part of the project.
  • Taking modification to the extreme: We understand you want to be creative and own the most unique home on the block, but this can be taken too far. Cutting out too much steel compromises the structure and your home will fail to survive the typical windstorm, much less a lower-category hurricane. If you are attached to planned modifications, install steel beams to fortify your home. This will make up for the removed steel.

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