Storage Advice for Empty Nesters

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As your kids grow and leave your home, you may be experiencing “empty nest syndrome.” This phenomenon can leave you with a home that is emptier than normal. You may have four bedrooms, but no one to fill them. Your home may be a little quieter, your responsibilities may be fewer and your life may be a bit calmer. In these circumstances, many people start to think about downsizing.

Downsizing and decluttering

While the prospect of a smaller home is intriguing, as you start to look around your current house, you might wonder how you’ll be able to stuff everything into a smaller space. There are heirlooms, antiques, pictures and more. And as ready as you may be to move, you can’t part with everything.

A solution to your dilemma is the use of portable containers in Houston, TX. These containers can go where you go, or can be stored at a facility. They offer plenty of space, but most of all they’ll keep your valuables safe and secure.

As you begin to declutter and get ready for your move, you can easily start storing your heirlooms in mobile storage units in Houston, TX, that have been placed right outside your home for you. This can make it easy to sort through your belongings and decide what will fit in your new house, condo or apartment.

Sorting tips

Be sure to get your kids involved in the sorting process. You may find that, if you leave them out, you’ll miss out on learning about their favorite items from your home. They have fond memories of living in your family home, too, and making the storage process a group activity can help them adjust to your moving out of the home they grew up in.

Another way to make the sorting process go as smoothly as possible is to make separate piles for things you want to keep, sell or donate. Put the “keep” pile right in your mobile storage units in Houston, TX. This will get it up and out of the way so you can see the progress you are making. Keep the “sell” pile in the garage for that yard sale you’ll have before you leave, and put the “donate” items into boxes to give to charity.

Portable containers in Houston, TX are also a good idea for those items that have sentimental value but are bulky or too large for a closet. Remember, wherever you decide to move might not have a basement, and it certainly won’t have as much storage space as you’re probably used to in your current home.

Items that are best stored in mobile storage units in Houston, TX include sports gear, toys, heirlooms and collections. Just pack them up, make sure they’re safe and store them right in a portable container in Houston, TX.

When you are ready to transition from the empty nest stage to your new life in a new home, remember that you don’t have to part with everything, as mobile storage units in Houston, TX can store what you don’t need and allow it to be available when you do. When you are looking for a portable storage unit to rent, contact A Mobile Box.Com LLC. We have storage solutions that can be specifically tailored to your needs!

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