What Not to Store in Mobile Storage Units in Houston, TX

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While you might be anxious to start using your mobile storage unit, it’s important that you keep your storage unit free of any items that shouldn’t be kept there. Storage units are great for storing item like furniture or documents, and they can help free up space in your home or business. By keeping items out of your storage that might be hazardous or cause other issues, you can get the most out of your investment in mobile storage units in Houston, TX. Here are a few items that you should keep out of your storage unit:

  • Plants: Storage units are not the place for any living thing, and this includes plants. Not only do the dark conditions inside a storage unit make it impossible for your plant to thrive, but the moisture in the soil can create unpleasant odors and may even lead to mold or mildew issues with other items in your unit.
  • Valuable items: While you can take steps to ensure the security of your storage unit, it’s wise to refrain from storing any items that are very valuable or irreplaceable, just in case. Additionally, any photo albums or antique pieces are more prone to damage from humidity and temperature changes, so it’s best to leave those out of your storage unit.
  • Electronic devices: Because of the fluctuation of temperatures in storage units and the possiblity of exposure to the elements, it’s best to leave electronic devices out of your unit to prevent damage. High heat or freezing temperatures can permanently damage devices such as televisions or computers.
  • Perishable foods: Any food items that are not sealed or are susceptible to expiration should be left out of your storage unit. Perishing food can cause unwelcome smells and messes in your unit, and may even attract pests, which can do serious damage to the items that you are storing.
  • Motor oil and other toxic substances: Any chemicals or toxic substances such as paint, motor oil, pesticides and other flammable chemicals should not be placed in mobile storage units in Houston, TX. Keeping these kinds of hazardous materials in storage creates significant safety concerns.
  • Weapons and ammunition: While this may go without saying, it is not wise to keep any weapons or ammunition in your storage unit. Fireworks and other explosives are also items that do not belong in a mobile storage unit. The storage of these items is inherently hazardous and can lead to lots of concerns, especially if your unit is susceptible to theft.

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