Choosing the Right Size Storage Units in Houston, TX

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If you’ve decided to rent a storage unit to keep your furniture safe during a move or to hold some old books that you don’t have room for in your home, you’re probably wondering how much space you actually need. Renting a storage unit that is too big might leave you spending more than you have to on space you won’t end up using, while a storage unit that’s too small can leave you frustrated by an overflow of stuff that you simply don’t have room for anywhere else. By determining what size storage unit you need, you can get the most out of your investment and ensure that there is plenty of room for all of the things you need to store.

Here are some considerations to take into account when choosing storage units in Houston, TX:

  • Determine what needs to be stored: The only way to accurately determine how much storage space you need is by taking an inventory of everything that you need to store. It may be helpful to take measurements of boxes and furniture that you plan on storing to give you a point of reference for different storage unit sizes. It’s also a good idea to research storage guidelines and ensure that you aren’t storing any items that shouldn’t be kept in storage units in Houston, TX. Once you have an idea of which items you want to keep in storage, you can more accurately choose the right unit size.
  • Estimate the unit size you’ll need: While individual storage needs can vary greatly from person to person, there are some good guidelines out there that can help. A small container measuring about 5’ wide by 10’ long is usually a good option for storing items from a small, one bedroom home. Bigger containers that measure closer to 8’ wide by 40’ long are a good option for large homes or retail storage.
  • Take a look at the unit in person: Sometimes, it’s hard to get a clear sense of how big a storage unit actually is until you see it in person. Take the time to check out your unit before you make any decisions; sometimes that can be the best way to determine the right size for you.
  • Find the right storage company to work with: No matter what size storage unit you end up choosing, always take the time to find the best possible company to work with. Great customer service and a reliable reputation are traits that should always be prioritized when you’re choosing which company to rent a storage unit from.

Once you’ve decided how much storage space you need, contact A Mobile LLC for help with all of your storage needs. Our experts can help you find the storage units in Houston, TX that work best for you and we can advise you on the appropriate unit size for your specific needs. We have plenty of experience working with retail, commercial, industrial and residential customers. Give us a call or visit our website to get started with a quote!

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