Types of Storage Containers in Brazoria, TX: 40-Foot Standard vs. 40-Foot HiCube

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When you are deciding on storage containers in Brazoria, TX, it can be difficult to determine the size you need. If you underestimate the size, you will likely have to order more containers, and that can delay your project or move. Overestimating the size, meanwhile, makes it difficult to secure items, and you will end up renting more than you need. Here are factors to consider when deciding between the 40-foot standard container and the 40-foot HiCube:

  • Height of items: The difference between the standard 40-foot container and the HiCube is one foot of height. They share the same length and width. That extra 12 inches makes a huge difference if you are moving or storing extra tall bookshelves or plan on stacking boxes high to make the best use of space. Even if your items do not seem extraordinarily tall, measure them just in case. The last thing you need is to discover later that your choice of container does not fit.
  • Weight distribution: If your container will be used for several boxes of heavy items, you need to think about the best way to distribute that weight. Stacking boxes too high may result in excessive or uneven weight distribution. There are also OSHA regulations that prevent workers from stacking items too high if they are above a certain weight. It may be prudent to purchase or rent the standard container to keep these safety standards in mind and encourage workers to manage the weight limits.
  • Availability of help and tools: When you are packing a container, you need to consider how much help you’ll receive when you unpack it later. It may be easier for you to unpack it with minimal help if you rent or purchase a smaller container. Also, if you do not own tall ladders, getting the HiCube could prove inconvenient. There is no point in storing your items if you cannot get to them in the future. Make sure your resources can handle a nine-and-a-half-foot-tall container.
  • Space needed to load: The extra foot of height not only makes room for storage but also the ability to load the trailer. Clearance allows space for forklifts and other equipment used to load containers. If a container arrives and it cannot accommodate loading equipment, you will waste time and spend more on labor to have it loaded without the assistance of machinery. Not only do you need to consider the height of your cargo, but also the height of your equipment.
  • Size of storage area: People often overestimate the size of their storage area, whether it is within a warehouse or under a shelter outside. If you order the HiCube but later discover the space you assigned to it can only accommodate a height of nine feet, you will be left finding another location for your container.

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