Some Notes on Watertight Portable Containers in Houston, TX

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When it comes to storage, having a watertight container is a must. We don’t get storage containers with the aim of filling them with garbage! Generally, what we aim to put in our portable containers is important to us, such as old family heirlooms, furniture, art, etc. This means protecting your things from the elements is priority number one for your storage container. In most cases, steel portable containers in Houston, TX provide the best possible protection from flooding of all possible storage options. This has everything to do with their rugged, excellent design.

Protecting from water from above

Most flooding comes from poor design, unfortunately. This means that people’s storage units are flooding when it is totally preventable. Just a few hours of hard driving rain can be enough to flood a garage or another outdoor storage unit. With steel storage containers, however, it can rain and rain and the contents of your container will always be safe. The steel container itself, as well as the door and its specially designed locking system, are all designed to keep your steel container watertight.

Protecting from water from below

Your steel container is also excellent at resisting infiltration when sitting in small pools of standing water (although, of course, we would never suggest you leave anything made of steel standing in water indefinitely). It’s inevitable that these containers will regularly face conditions where they’re sitting in shallow water—as they’re most commonly used for transporting goods across the sea. It is only in extreme cases that your portable container is likely to have issues with water infiltration.

Some water infiltration is possible in extreme cases

In extreme flooding—especially flooding that totally inundates or submerges the portable storage container, and in cases of flooding with strong moving water—it is possible that water will be able to infiltrate your container. To have total protection against water at all pressures, depths and in the face of running water, the container would have to be made to different standards that would vastly increase the complexity of its door system, and would greatly increase the cost to produce them. Still, in every normal scenario, your portable storage container will provide excellent, nearly unbeatable protection from water infiltration.

Find portable storage in Houston, TX

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